Priscilla Wong Doesn’t Want to “Ruin It” for Men by Introducing Them to Natalie Tong

Priscilla Wong Doesn't Want to "Ruin Men" by Introducing Them to Natalie Tong

Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) and Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) dare known to BFFs among the industry. In a previous interview, Natalie Tong had mentioned Priscilla Wong would help her filter out potential suitors first and has very strict standards. Priscilla Wong appeared at the TVB studios to start work on her new film, “Seven Princesses” (七公主). This is her first project after resting for half a year.

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When reporters asked her about celebrating Natalie Tong’s birthday at a hotel dressed in a robe, Priscilla Wong said she helped her celebrate her birthday for 7 days. It was also to return Natalie Tong’s gesture for treating them to a spa treatment. About the recent rumors of Natalie Tong getting married, Priscilla Wong said, “After reading the news with her, we only laugh laugh. Don’t casually drag [her] into marriage rumors. I also want her to announce happy things, but she has to film three series in the near future. I believe she won’t have time to prepare for happy occasions.”

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Priscilla Wong also jokingly said that the only man she has around her is herself. As for introducing men to Natalie Tong, Priscilla Wong said, “She will be so busy in the future. If I introduce [someone to her], that means I will be ruining it for the guy. Everyone doesn’t need to worry. In this year or so, I will seriously help her find someone.”

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