Moses Chan Reportedly Became Highest Paid TVB Actor

Moses Chan Reportedly Became Highest Paid TVB Actor

Despite attaining a high degree of popularity, TVB’s favorite “son”, Moses Chan (陳豪), still hasn’t left the company for greener pastures in mainland China like his prior colleagues. Since getting married with Aimee Chan and having three children, he has maintained a very wholesome image. He’s often attending brand events and chosen by brands to promote their products. However, with the outbreak, a lot of Moses Chan’s work has decreased lately.

Moses Chan Renting Out His Beverly Hills Mansion

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Despite the entertainment industry suffering and having less advertisement work, Moses Chan has been working lately. He is currently filming “Armed Reaction 2020” (陀槍師姐2020), which was supposed to end filming in June, but has been delayed to August. Back in 2018, Moses Chan had moved his family from their Beverly Hills mansion to a new luxury home in Hong Kong island for their children’s schooling. Moses Chan was also renting out his Beverly Hills mansion for around $60,000 HKD a month to offset the costs of his home, which he was paying around $70,000 HKD a month.

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So why hasn’t Moses Chan left TVB yet to make more money in mainland China? It’s rumored Moses Chan re-signed with TVB last year for 30 million HKD, making him the current highest paid TVB actor. It’s said that even if Moses doesn’t have any projects, he still gets paid hundreds of thousands dollars each month. No wonder Moses Chan is still with the company. When asked about the rumors, Moses Chan smiled and said, “Thank you everyone for thinking so highly of me. I will continue to work hard to do the best.”

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  1. Moses is an old movie actor in Seven Swords during the 70 s.
    Acting carreer fpr so long.

    He deserved to be paid well. He is lucky to be in TVB drama artists.

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