Wayne Lai and Moses Chan Want to Play Lovers in Next Collaboration

Wayne Lai and Moses Chan Want to Play Lovers in Next Collaboration

TVB’s “Death By Zero” (殺手) has been a surprise hit with viewers despite its dark humor that is not usually featured in their dramas. Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) and Moses Chan (陳豪) were especially revered for their acting and the freshness of their characters. Many viewers said Moses Chan was playing a character just like the real life version of himself. When the host asked if he felt the same way, he explained that he understood why people would think that since he and his character, “Zero”, are both coffee roasters.

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Despite the positive feedback of Moses Chan’s portrayal of the refined, handsome, and sometimes quirky, “Zero”, he had reservations about portraying the character in the beginning. Moses Chan explained it might not be so good if he also talked about coffee in the series since he actually has a blooming coffee business, “Blooms”, in real life. However, he later realized it would be different since it would make the character seem more realistic to viewers.

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As for Wayne Lai, he explained he isn’t really like his character, “Ah Mo”, as he is more gentle and quiet in real life. When asked if he was envious of Moses Chan being able to play such a refined character, Wayne Lai said he wasn’t because he didn’t think he would be able to bring out the same flavor from the character. He also thinks they should try reversing the roles and have Moses Chan portray more crass characters, while he can take on a more refined role. Both of them felt it would be a pretty funny scenario.

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As both of the male leads are TV’s Best Actor kings, when asked if this time’s match up was satisfying enough, Wayne Lai revealed, “I actually don’t think it’s enough. I think there should be more. The time we had together was too short. If there is an opportunity next time, we should be partners in the beginning or lovers.” Moses Chan agreed and said, “It would be explosive enough. It would be happy, but not obscene.”

Moses Chan also got to show off his comedic side despite him being a top assassin, which was well received by viewers. Wayne Lai revealed that even the producer called it “Moses style humor”. Moses Chan said, “Even though I don’t know what it is, but I was already working hard at it, but everyone is making fun of me. Since everyone is happy, then what do I care?”

Credit: TVB, Katy Kung IG