Moses Chan Plays Hunky Doctor who Comes Between Roger Kwok and Kelly Cheung in “Big White Duel 2”

Moses Chan Plays Hunky Doctor who Comes Between Roger Kwok and Kelly Cheung in "Big White Duel 2"

TVB held a press conference on October 29 for “Big White Duel 2” (白色強人 2). The main cast, Moses Chan (陳豪), Kenneth Ma (唐詩詠), Roger Kwok (郭晉安), Nancy Wu (胡定欣), Natalie Tong (唐詩詠), and Kelly Cheung (張曦雯), were all in attendance. Moses Chan is one of the new characters joining the series. He plays an emergency room doctor who has a lot of luck with the ladies.

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On speaking about worries of getting less scenes due to three Best Actors (Moses Chan, Roger Kwok, Kenneth Ma) and two Best Actresses (Nancy Wu and Kelly Cheung) joining the sequel, Moses Chan said, “I am a new addition. This matter doesn’t concern me.”

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Natalie Tong thought she would have some romantic scenes with Moses Chan. She explained, “I know Moses Chan will be working in the emergency room in the series. I would think that are they giving me a hottie because usually in American series, colleagues will develop feelings for each other. I am looking forward to this happening.” When asked if she felt Kenneth Ma wasn’t good looking enough, she said, “Yes, also he is so naggy. I don’t want him.”

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Aside from playing a hunky doctor, Moses Chan says he will also attract a lot of ladies. He joked, “Thanks to the producer for letting me have unlimited choices. I am unruly, but in the series, I am not that much of a bachelor. I join the hospital to chase back my ex, Kelly Cheung. There are also a lot of other women. I don’t know how many girls the producer added for me, but if the producer treats me, how can I resist? There will be some sparks.” As someone who has a happy family, Moses Chan added in the end, “It’s just acting.”

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