Ady An and Husband Welcome a Baby Girl

Ady An and Husband Welcome a Baby Girl

Ady An (安以軒) and husband, Levo Chen (陳榮煉), announced the birth of their daughter on October 29. She wrote, “A family of four is “good”. After giving birth to our second baby, mommy just realized, Mister Doraemon doesn’t have hands anymore to hug mommy. After waiting for 10 months, finally saw Mr. Chan’s little lover, “Wa Bao”. I admit defeat! She is prettier than me.”

Ady An Welcomes Birth of Son

Ady An married Macau businessman, Levo Chan, in 2017. They welcomed their son, “66”, last June. Their son made headlines recently when Ady An revealed a video of baby “66” crawling out of his crib to pick up a dropped toy and was able to get back into the crib by himself. Ady An had previously uploaded a series of maternity photos and said she was “sealing” her belly. Since announcing her pregnancy, she never revealed the sex of the baby. Now that she has a son (子) and a daughter (女), she has created the “good” (好) character, which would explain why she’s sealing her belly.

Credit: Weibo (1, 2)

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