Ady An Welcomes Birth of Son

Ady An Welcomes Birth of Son

Taiwanese actress, Ady An (安以軒), announced on Weibo today that has given birth to her first child, a baby boy! She referred to her baby boy as “66”, as her husband, Chen Ronglian’s (陳榮煉) nickname is 65, so 65 + 1 = 66.

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She wrote: “Waited for such a long time! Pig has finally seen the actual person! I can’t hold it in and must reiterate: The actual person is much better looking than the picture (4D sonogram).

Ady An Announces Pregnancy

Thank you to everyone who has given us blessings along the way and allowing “66” to safely, healthily, and successfully come to this beautiful new world. More so, must thank “66”‘s daddy for taking the initiative to accompany me in the delivery room for the entire process and not letting me get so nervous. As for these past few days, you didn’t have enough sleep, but still personally took care of us mother and son. I will forever remember the moment you knelt down to propose and exchanged rings with each other, I told myself I must give you a complete family. “66’s” arrival has made this family even more warm. Let the three of us hold hands and walk together happily in the coming days.”

Ady An married Chen Ronglian, a Macau businessman, back in 2017.

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Credit:, Weibo (1, 2)