Authorities Reportedly Confirm Evidence Showing Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo Sexually Harassing Victims

Authorities Confirm Evidence Showing Shinhwa's Lee Minwoo Sexually Harassing Victims

According to Korean news reports, the police confirmed they have found evidence of Lee Minwoo, member of veteran K-Pop group, Shinhwa, sexually harassing two victims on July 17. Authorities have revealed they have handed the case to the prosecution with the recommendation of indicting the defendant without detention. It’s reported the police had enough evidence from CCTV footage, statements, and other evidence, proving there was forcible sexual assault.

The police reportedly confirmed through CCTV footage that Lee Minwoo used his hands to grab one of the victim’s cheeks and forcibly kissed her. Besides this, they also confirmed Lee Minwoo was touching another victim’s particular body part.

The charges were based on a June 29 incident where Lee Minwoo was accused of sexually harassing two females at a Sinsa-dong hotel. Lee Minwoo had originally expressed, “Because of misunderstandings, it has created this accident.” One of the victims had originally withdrawn the charges, but the police insisted on continuing with the investigation. In the end, they found the evidence through CCTV footage and have decided to send it to the prosecution.

Credit: Sina, Lee Minwoo IG