Ady An Announces Pregnancy

Ady An Announces Pregnancy Weibo_03.15.19

Taiwanese actress, Ady An (安以軒), known for her work in, “Autumn’s Concerto” (下一站,幸福), announced she is pregnant today on Weibo. Ady An got married in 2017 to Macau businessman and CEO of the Tak Chun Group, Chen Ronglian (陳榮煉), whose nickname is Doraemon. The 38 year old actress is set to give birth around August. From the pictures posted, it looks like Ady An will be having a boy.

Ady An Welcomes Birth of Son

In the post, Ady An says, “Our world has a new member with your addition. Looking forward to 66 66 66.” It turns out Ady An’s husband has a nickname called “65.” So the baby’s nickname is is 65 +1 = 66. How cute!

Ady An and Husband Welcome a Baby Girl

Credit:, Apple Daily TW, SETN News, Ady An Weibo (1,2)