Michelle Ye Confirms Break Up with Boyfriend, Mr. Xiao Mo

Michelle Ye Confirms Break Up with Boyfriend, Mr. Xiao Mo

Hong Kong actress, Michelle Ye (葉璇), who has shifted her career to China in recent years, confirmed her break up with boyfriend, Mr. Xiao Mo (小默先生) on a live broadcast recently. Michelle Ye revealed she was dating Mr. Xiao Mo from Shanghai, in 2015 when she posted a picture with him on Weibo. However, little is known about him. He is only referred to as Mr. Xiao Mo. Their relationship was plagued with constant break up rumors and controversies especially when Michelle Ye was sued by Mr. Xiao Mo’s ex-girlfriend. Michelle Ye lost the lawsuit and was ordered to issue an apology and pay damages to his ex-girlfriend.

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On a recent broadcast, Michelle Ye was asked about the recent status of her love life. She admitted she and Mr. Xiao Mo had amicably broke up and returned to being friends. As for the reason for breaking up, she explained, “Two people at different points in life, are not looking for the same things in relationships. So, we decided not to continue on.” Michelle Ye also said her state of mind is very good and was smiling throughout.

She also made a post after the news came out saying: “Separation is for an even better reunion. Passionately love life, passionately love work, believe in love, and also thankful for the beautiful you.”

Michelle Ye Confirms Break Up with Boyfriend, Mr. Xiao Mo

Just last month, Michelle Ye was at a charity event in Hong Kong. When asked when she and Mr. Xiao Mo were getting married, she said, “If two people are in love, they don’t need to get married to prove anything.” This might not be news as many netizens left comments saying, “Didn’t they break up a long time ago?”

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  1. Clearly she wants to marry and he doesn’t. He just wanted to have fun and use her money. Now she can find a sperm donor for her frozen eggs

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