Michelle Ye Recounts the Time She was Forced to Drink Alcohol by a Wealthy Businessman

Michelle Ye Recounts the Time She Was Forced to Drink Alcohol by a Wealthy Businessman

Hong Kong actress, Michelle Ye (葉璇), has spent recent years developing her career in mainland China. She trended on Weibo’s hot trending list recently with her reply to a Weibo comment that urged her to have a baby given that Zanilia Zhao Liying recently gave birth. Michelle Ye replied back to the fan saying, “I gave birth a while already!” This caused a stir among the online community as there were no news or pictures showing Michelle Ye was pregnant. Netizens had thought she secretly gave birth. Thankfully, her manager came out to clarify the rumors and denied Michelle Ye had given birth.

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Michelle Ye was at it again with her Weibo ramblings as she mentions an incident where a wealthy businessman yelled at her for an hour at a dinner. She shared, “Is there anyone like me? In front of a table of leaders, I was forced to drink alcohol for an hour by the president of a shopping center. I already told him politely I don’t want to drink alcohol. He continued to force me to drink and started yelling at me. However, I insisted on not drinking and didn’t even bother eating, just got up and left. Will I still be able to go to this shopping center in the future?”

It turns out this dinner was set up by Michelle Ye’s classmate. A police officer was also present at the time and after learning about the incident, he defended Michelle Ye and reprimanded the president. Michelle Ye felt this person’s way of forcing people to drink was shameful and was trying to sexually harass her.

Credit: hk.on.cc, Michelle Ye Weibo (1,2)