Brian Tse Makes Acting Breakthrough as “Parker” in “Death By Zero” After 10 Years in Showbiz

Brian Tse Makes Acting Breakthrough as "Parker" in "Death By Zero" After 10 Years in Showbiz

TVB actor, Brian Tse (謝東閔), joined the industry 10 years ago when he won fourth place in the singing competition, “The Voice 2” (超級巨聲2). Since joining TVB, he has done mainly supporting characters, but in recent years, he has been getting more meatier roles, like “Parker” in “Death By Zero” (殺手). Due to the popularity of the series, Brian Tse is also getting some recognition for his role as the wealthy heir, “Parker”, who turned out to be the mastermind behind the killings of the other hitmen from Overbeck.

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Brian Tse revealed after the first two years, he decided to try acting as he seemed to be straying further away from singing. It was his participation in the series, “Sergeant Tabloid” (女警愛作戰), that got him really interested in acting. He admits that he was once envious of Kwan Gor (吳業坤), who finished 5th in “The Voice 2”, as he was able to release his own music and he had a lot of acting opportunities. In comparison, Brian Tse only recently released his own single in 2019, which was the theme song to the TVB version of the Chinese series, “Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Sabre”.

Despite all this, Brian Tse says, “Singing requires fate. In these 10 years, I gained a lot of other things. I filmed close to 30 series. Finally took a path. This industry is a long distance race.”

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Brian Tse became even more well known to viewers when his girlfriend, Ashley Chu, was caught cheating on him with a married TVB actor, Jackson Lai. Ashley Chu and Brian Tse were already rumored to be dating in 2017, but they never came out to admit it until the cheating scandal came to light. Brian Tse got the boyfriend of the year award when he chose to come out and stand by Ashley Chu to admit her faults and also blamed himself for not being a better boyfriend for not being with her more.

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When asked how he was so calm the day he accompanied Ashley Chu at the press conference, Brian Tse said, “I am an impulsive person, but at the moment I didn’t care about blaming. In fact, I wanted to see how I could protect her. We’ve been together, known each other for so long, I won’t abandon her. I am very worried about her so I decided to come out with her and face it together. I didn’t think of anything else. I purely wanted to think of ways to help her. I think she is someone worthy of helping.”

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