Luhan Responds to Criticisms about His Appearance in Series, “Cross Fire”

Luhan Responds to Criticisms about His Appearance in Series, Cross Fire

Luhan (鹿晗) and Leo Wu Lei’s (吴磊) new series about eSports, “Cross Fire” (穿越火线), started airing recently. The series tells the story of two characters, “Xiao Feng” (肖枫) in 2008 and “Lu Xiaobei” (路小北) in 2019, who encounter each other through a map from a game when they travel through time and space. When the series first aired, many netizens criticized Luhan’s appearance and styling were ugly.

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He did a recent interview and addressed the criticisms when the interviewer mentioned it was a change in his normal image. Luhan mentioned the director and him had the same idea on “Xiao Feng’s” image without prior discussion. Luhan also elaborated further, “It wasn’t intentionally done to make [him] ugly. This was how eSports players really looked at the time. I think referring back to the original would be better.”

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The interviewer mentioned “Xiao Feng’s” image in the series actually looks very similar to a picture of Luhan during his high school days. The interviewer then said, “After the results, we actually don’t think it’s ugly enough.” Luhan responded back, “Can’t help it, I am just that handsome.” Luhan also mentioned, “I am quite light in person. If only the skin tone can be consistent. The key point is that it’s sometimes light and sometimes dark. The hands are light and the face is dark.”

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