Netizens Mistake “CHUANG 2020” Trainee, Sun Ruyun, for Luhan’s Girlfriend, Guan Xiaotong

Netizens Mistake "CHUANG 2020" Trainee, Sun Ruyun, for Guan Xiaotong in Picture with Luhan

Tencent held its celebratory dinner after the “CHUANG 2020” (创造营2020) finale ended around midnight on July 5. Many trainees took pictures with staff members and the mentors to commemorate the journey they went on together in the past months. Fellow trainee, Sun Ruyun (孙如云), uploaded a picture she took with Luhan (鹿晗) from that night, which led the hashtag, “Luhan and Sun Ruyun group photo”, to start trending on Weibo.

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Sun Ruyun’s post read, “Graduated ~ hahah. From here, I gained a gege (Energy Girl, yeah). My jie (older sister) also came to the event to see me!!! Thank you to Mentor Tao for giving me encouragement and support! Also Mentor Lu, Mentor Song, Mentor Mao!, and all the staff members, it’s been hard on you guys! It’s finally come to a successful end.” This picture she posted with Luhan led netizens to mistake her for his actress girlfriend, Guan Xiaotang (关晓彤). Do you think they look alike?

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The truth is Sun Ruyun is known for heavily photoshopping her pictures. She had once mentioned on the show that she spends around 1-2 hours to edit her pictures. Some of her pictures look a bit different from how she appears in videos.

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Aside from Guan Xiaotong, Sun Ruyun was said to bear a striking resemblance to Huang Zitao (黄子韬) on the first episode of “CHUANG 2020”. When guest mentor, Da Zhangwei (大张伟), mentioned Sun Ruyun looked like Huang Zitao, she revealed some of the trainees and the production crew said she looked like him, which she didn’t get.

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Huang Zitao consoled her and said, “You can have doubts, but you don’t need to feel inferior. Understand? Resembling me isn’t a bad thing.”

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