Frankie Lam Bids Adieu to TVB Again, Doesn’t Rule Out TVB and ATV Collaborating

Frankie Lam Bids Adieu to TVB Again, Doesn't Rule Out TVB and ATV Collaborating

The cast of TVB’s hit series, “Life After Death” (那些我愛過的人), attended the last promotional event on July 7. As this is Frankie Lam’s (林文龍) last series with TVB before he assumed the vice president role at ATV, viewers won’t be seeing him in another series in the near future. He expressed, “I don’t know about the future. I started out at TVB. Thanks to TVB for nurturing me all these years. I feel a little touched. Hope Mr. To (TVB executive), won’t prohibit me from entering the studio in the future.”

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Frankie Lam revealed ATV has received a lot of good scripts lately and he has a few that he likes, but he has to oversee the company’s operations and can’t take time out to film. When asked if he would borrow TVB actors to film ATV series, he responded, “I’ve never deliberately mentioned it before, but both companies aren’t direct competitors. So there is room to collaborate, let’s take it step by step.”

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He also revealed ATV will release shows in the latter half of the year. Frankie Lam estimates the variety shows will start filming in August or September. As for dramas, he hopes the scripts will be completed before they start filming. He predicts the fastest they’ll start filming dramas will be in October. He rather film one good quality series than film 10 garbage series.

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Frankie Lam also complimented on Priscilla Wong’s (黃翠如) big improvement in her performance. He expressed, “Working with Priscilla, I see she spent a lot of effort, has standards for herself and is very motivated. The series has such good results right now. She has something to show for it.” Lastly, Frankie Lam hopes to watch the series finale with the cast and crew at a celebratory dinner on July 10.

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Credit:, Priscilla Wong IG

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