“Life After Death” Producer Says Frankie Lam’s Character Might Not Be Dead

"Life After Death" Producer Says Frankie Lam's Character Might Not Be Dead

The suspenseful finale of “Life After Death” (那些我愛過的人) aired on July 10. Many viewers were upset with the ending and felt the car scene had a lot of unreasonable areas. What they felt was most troubling was the sad death of Frankie Lam’s (林文龍) character, “Keung Yuk Sing”.

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In the series finale, “Eden” (played by Kyle Li 李任燊) inadvertently kidnaps “Sherman” (played by Shiga Lin 連詩雅) after it’s revealed he was the cause of the car accident from 7 years ago. He gets into the same car as “Sherman” and tries to kill himself because he felt guilty for causing the accident and leaving “Tsin Tsin” by herself. “Keung Yuk Sing”, “Laura” (played by Priscilla Wong 黃翠如), and “Koo Hay Son” (played by Mark Ma 馬貫東), chase after them and at the end they get into a car accident from trying to stop “Eden’s” car. “Sherman”, who is pregnant, is unharmed and saves “Eden” at the insistence of her husband.

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As for “Keung Yuk Sing”, a rod is punctured through his thigh, making it unable for him to get out of the car. They say their goodbyes and he tells “Laura” to get out of the car as gas is leaking and about to blow up any second. After “Laura” gets out and tries to find help, the car explodes with “Keung Yuk Sing” inside. Many netizens questioned why “Koo Hay Son” and “Sherman” didn’t help their family members first and went to help “Eden”. They also questioned why they didn’t immediately call the police when the accident happened, why are the good people dying?

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There were reports the series was originally supposed to have 30 episodes, but in the end it was only 25 episodes. Some netizens surmised there were a lot of cut scenes in the ending. However, the producer of the series spoke with hk01.com and denied this. He expressed, “From beginning to end, it was always 25 episodes. The ending was a result of our discussion. The car accident at the end is the response from beginning to finish. “Sherman” saved her sister and not her brother in law at the time, but 7 years later, it’s what “Hay Son” said. A doctor’s duty is to save people. So this time “Sherman” chose to save “Eden” who was even more injured. She made a different decision from that time. As for “Lo Keung” getting the steel bar lodged in his leg, he also had a lot of flammable articles surrounding him. It’s actually quite hard to be saved, but it’s not definitely set in stone that he died. We also want to leave it to the viewers to experience.”

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As for viewers unsatisfied with the sad ending, the producer explained they hoped to bring out the theme of the series. He said, “The most important thing is to cherish the people around you. “Laura” saw different periods of her life when she was in a coma because she didn’t manage the past well, which resulted in this ending. However, after this incident, she woke up herself. Everyone will experience setbacks, but you need to adjust it yourself, let go of your persistence. You need to release first in order to accept the future.” As for the possibility of a sequel, he said, “Frankie already said he won’t be filming for the time being and it requires both channels to collaborate. But there are no absolutes in this world. Hope there is an opportunity.”

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