“Life After Death’s” Erin Wong Not Relying on Her Family’s Fortune

"Life After Death's" Erin Wong Not Relying on Her Family's Fortune

TVB actress, Erin Wong (王卓淇), has been getting attention for her role as “Tsin Tsin” (芊芊) in “Life After Death” (那些我愛過的人). The Miss Hong Kong 2014 first runner up plays one of the victims from the car accident 7 years ago. She was on the motorbike that flew down the mountain. Because of the accident, she is paralyzed from her left side and also incurred a scar on her face. She later dies from cancer after reuniting with “Edison” (played by Kyle Li), who is now referred to as “Eden”.

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Many netizens have praised Erin Wong for her performance of the rollercoaster of emotions “Tsin Tsin” goes through in the series. This is a follow up to her stellar performance from last year’s “Our Unwinding Ethos” (十二傳說). Despite being in TVB for 6 years, Erin Wong only started getting more opportunities in the last few years. After entering TVB, Erin Wong also attended an acting class held by Anthony Wong (黃秋生) in 2015. In 2016, she took a TVB performing arts training course for 3 months.

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Erin Wong has always been very low key about her family background. As it turns out, Erin Wong comes from a wealthy family. Her father reportedly works in the skincare product manufacturing business and owns a 500,000 square feet factory in China. It’s reported her family’s net worth is in the hundred of millions and also has properties overseas. Erin Wong once said in an interview that her salary is low, but when she gets paid, she would give her entire paycheck to her family despite not having enough of her own to spend. She previously expressed that she was lucky to live with her family and had financial support from them.

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Despite coming from a well to do family, Erin Wong says she has always been a very simple person. She expressed, “After finishing school, my dream was to become an OL (office lady) in Central. I didn’t think after I graduated, I would accidentally enter into this colorful entertainment industry.” Erin Wong studied Economics at the University of West England and later went for her Master’s at the University of Surrey studying International Business Management. Erin Wong also recently started her own online business. She partnered up with a designer and started her own clothing brand and personally designs some of the pieces.

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