2014 Miss Hong Kong 1st Runner Up, Erin Wong, is Envious of Grace Chan

2014 Miss Hong Kong 1st Runner Up, Erin Wong, is Envious of Grace Chan

Erin Wong (王卓淇) is getting praise from a lot of netizens for her performance in the July 31st episode of TVB’s “Our Unwinding Ethos” (十二傳說). In that episode, she confesses to murder and explained her motive for doing so in an explosive crying scene. Many netizens have noticed a big improvement in her acting skills and is starting to get noticed.

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The fact of the matter is that Erin Wong is still relatively unknown. She has actually been with TVB for five years. She won first runner up in the 2014 Miss Hong Kong pageant. However, she hasn’t really had any breakout roles until now. Erin Wong responded to hk01.com on being recognized for her acting: “This is the first time a whole storyline revolved around me. There is happiness, anger, sorrow, joy, there is rage, there is revenge, there is romance, a lot more heavy, so there’s a lot more room to develop.”

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Even though she was first runner up, Erin Wong hasn’t had the same opportunities as her peers or successors. However, she is still optimistic and won’t give up. She explains, “My predecessors really have a lot more opportunities. In the previous year, it was Grace (陳凱琳). She is really happy right now. She is also in a lot of series, so I am pretty envious of her. But I feel everyone’s journey is different. I am not bad right now. From the same year as me, I don’t think I’m doing bad. The winner in my year, Veronica (邵珮詩) is doing more hosting while I am filming more series. So everyone is able to develop further in their own fields. There is no comparison.”

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Erin Wong is also a big K-Pop fan. She hopes to be multi-talented like a K-Pop idol that can sing, dance, and act at the same time. She is often posting videos of herself doing dance covers to K-Pop songs.

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She also labeled Jackson Wang (王嘉尔) as her target saying, “I saw him recently on “Do Did Eat” (Do姐有問題). He is a really hard worker. He is also good at dancing, good person, and a good looking guy. Even though he is younger than me, but I feel like he is a good example. I really like his attitude. I really hope we can work together. I hope he can come back to Hong Kong often!”

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Credit: hk01.com, Erin Wong IG