TVB’s “Our Unwinding Ethos” Brings Hong Kong’s Urban Legends to Life

TVB's Our Unwinding Ethos Brings Hong Kong's Urban Legends to Life

TVB’s new series, “Our Unwinding Ethos” (十二傳說) is airing on July 15. The series talks about 12 popular urban legends from Hong Kong. Most of the cases touch upon supernatural stories or cases that may have been unsolved or scientifically unexplainable. The series stars Edwin Siu (蕭正楠), Rosina Lam (林夏薇), Jonathan Cheung (張頴康), and Moon Lau (劉佩玥).

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At the promotional event today, Moon Lau was dressed in a traditional Chinese wedding gown in coordination with one of the storylines that talks about the legend of ghost brides at the popular tourist destination, “Bride’s Pool”(新娘潭). Moon Lau says she has never been afraid of ghosts and explains that she hasn’t done anything wrong so why should she be afraid. She also adds, “Sometimes when I go on trips, I would have my own room. However, later on, there would be two or three girls coming to my room saying they want to sleep together. Maybe they feel I am too brave and my face looks heroic.”

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Jazz Lam (林子善), who is part of the supporting cast, shared a scary incident that happened while filming. “There was a scene where we had to film in a cemetery. During filming, a colleague of ours suddenly fell into the grave. The director already told him not to go over there. Later on, this colleague stopped working. Everyone knows about this.” When asked about the aftermath of the colleague, Jazz Lam says he doesn’t know.

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Even though the series is based on urban legends, Rosina Lam says the storyline won’t be entirely focused on ghosts. She plays an assistant professor in folklore and helps solve murder cases where people are committing crimes under the guise of urban legends. The theme of the series is really about solving cases and mysteries based on these urban legends. It’s quite eerie as this will be airing near the Yulan(Ghost) Festival.

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Credit: (1, 2, 3), Rosina Lam Weibo

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