Super Girls’ Aka Declares Kenneth Ma as Her Ideal Type

Super Girls' Aka Declares Kenneth Ma as Her Ideal Type

Cheronna (吳嘉熙) and Aka (趙慧珊), members of Hong Kong girl group, Super Girls, attended an event today to promote recycling. While talking about how Cheronna and her boyfriend met, the reporters started to ask about Aka’s love life as she is single. When talking about Aka’s ideal type, Cheronna revealed, “She likes really good guys. If there are suitors, I’d help her filter them out first. There are some not suitable for her.” Reporters asked Aka what qualities she looked for in a spouse. She said, I like those who are filial and looks after the family. I think those like Kenneth Ma (馬國明) are good, but unfortunately we’re not filming together, so there’s no way [to meet].” The reporters get really excited at her answers. Aka then asks, “Did I go too far with the joke?” Cheronna then says, “You don’t need to film in order to get to know him!”

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A reporter then excitedly suggests Aka to film a MV with Kenneth Ma since he was busy filming Kayee Tam’s (譚嘉儀) music video lately. Aka agrees and said they must consider this for their next MV, if Kenneth Ma is willing. Cheronna and the reporters said there’s no need to consider, but Aka says Kenneth Ma needs to consider it. Aka then reiterates she’s just joking. Then one of the reporters mentions there is a 13 year age gap between Aka (b. 1987) and Kenneth Ma (b. 1974). Aka then explains, “If I am really dating, whether it’s someone younger or older, it’s not a problem. But I am really joking, don’t take it out of context.”

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When a reporter asks what type of man she’s looking for physically, she admits Kenneth Ma is also her type and even admits he is her idol.

Would they make a good couple?

Credit:, Apple Daily HK, Kenneth Ma Weibo, Aka IG

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