Is Kenneth Ma Still Hung Up on Jacqueline Wong?

Is Kenneth Ma Still Hung Up on Jacqueline Wong?

The “OnSum Cheating” scandal has died down considerably after Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文) decided to take back Andy Hui (許志安) and Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) fled to the US. From time to time, there will be reporters trying to pry for details about Jacqueline Wong from Kenneth Ma (馬國明). There were some recent rumors stating Kenneth Ma was taking his month long vacation to visit Jacqueline Wong in the US. Hong Kong news media reported Kenneth Ma’s mother was strongly opposed to him visiting and to appease her, he spent the day with her.

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A few days ago, Kenneth Ma was at a promotional event for “Big White Duel” (白色強人) and when asked about him visiting Jacqueline Wong, he replied, “I am not talking about this. The incident has passed for so long and we’re still talking about it?” Kenneth Ma also said a lot of people praised him for still holding his mother’s hand in public and hopes he quickly finds his other half, but said he will leave it up to fate.

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However, at the same event, when asked when his scenes with Ali Lee are coming, Kenneth Ma accidentally drops Jacqueline Wong’s name. He says, “It’s coming. Me and Sum Wing (Jacqueline Wong: 黃心穎).” When he realizes his slip-up, he awkwardly smiles and immediately corrects himself, “Me and Sze Wing” (Natalie Tong: 唐詩詠). Some fans speculate Kenneth Ma is still not over Jacqueline Wong yet. However, when he addressed the media after the scandal hit, he mentioned he quickly got over it and was only worried about Jacqueline Wong.

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Watch the slip up at 0:50:

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On working with Nancy Wu again

Kenneth Ma was also asked about the recent rumors of TVB setting him up with Nancy Wu (胡定欣) to film a new series, he said, “I haven’t heard of this plan from the company. Even if there is an opportunity, I don’t really mind because Nancy is a good partner. But the company hasn’t mentioned it. She’s not in my upcoming series either.” The reporter then says, “It’s said to give you and Nancy Wu a chance to reconcile.” Kenneth Ma responds, “Everyone can laugh at this type of news. But if there is a chance to film with Nancy, I will enjoy it very much. I would look forward to it if there is a chance to film with each other again.”

Credit:, Apple Daily HK, MoreForms Media, Weibo

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