Kenneth Ma Says Natalie Tong Has Always Been Good, Natalie Tong: Ask Me Out on a Date!

Kenneth Ma Says Natalie Tong Has Always Been Good, Natalie Tong: Ask Me Out on a Date!

The cast of TVB’s “Big White Duel” (白色強人) attended a promotional event today. Reporters told Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) and Kenneth Ma(馬國明) that many fans left comments wishing they would date each other outside of the series. To this, Natalie Tong turned to Kenneth Ma and said, “Ask me out on a date then!” Kenneth Ma laughs and said Natalie Tong is very busy and hard to ask out.

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When reporters told the two of them that netizens left comments saying Natalie Tong is the best person to have by Kenneth Ma’s side right now, he responded, “She has always been good.” However, reporters put Kenneth Ma on the spot and says, “She is so good, but not good enough for you to ask her out.” Natalie Tong feeling awkward then asks, “Do I need to step aside first?” Then reporters ask, “What is missing?” The two ask each other as well, “What is missing?” In the end, Kenneth Ma says, “I really can’t think of what’s missing.”

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Because of this series, Kenneth Ma’s status as a “male god” was elevated even more. He previously revealed a lot of his friends never knew he was this cool before. Natalie Tong reveals, “This series was actually designed especially for Kenneth Ma. It’s actually helping him to recruit suitors. After the series aired, a lot of friends send their female friends’ information to me and asked to let Kenneth Ma have a look. They say the girl is single.” Kenneth Ma says, “I don’t think you’ve ever showed it to me.” Natalie Tong responds, “I was helping you choose. Do I need to help you filter them out?” Kenneth Ma says no need. When asked if he wanted to be introduced to those girls, Kenneth Ma says Natalie Tong was just joking. However, she insists it was real, but Kenneth Ma says she hasn’t introduced anyone to him over the years. Natalie Tong keeps saying it’s real and will send it to him.

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Natalie Tong also says if they reach a ratings high, Kenneth Ma should do something to reward the audience. She says, “You need to do something. Save the sexy stuff for him. When have you ever seen Kenneth Ma take off his clothes?” Natalie Tong says it has never happened, but Kenneth Ma says he has. Kenneth Ma changes the topic and says to save the sexy stuff for the ladies. Natalie Tong makes fun of him and says he’s starting to fret and that she would help him spread the “reward picture.”

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