Kenneth Ma Wants Both Natalie Tong and Ali Lee

Kenneth Ma Wants Both Natalie Tong and Ali Lee

The cast and crew of TVB’s hit drama, “Big White Duel” (白色強人), attended the celebratory dinner tonight. There is a lot of commotion among netizens and TVB for a sequel. When reporters asked Kenneth Ma (馬國明) about it, he said, “It depends on the writers’s thoughts. If they think the storyline has already exhausted itself, then don’t bother forcing it. Save a beautiful ending for everyone, but if we are doing a sequel, I’d be happy to do it. It was very happy filming this time.”

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Reporters then tell Kenneth Ma everyone has a strong opinion about him choosing between Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) and Ali Lee (李佳芯). Kenneth Ma responded, “They’re both good and have their own fans. If you ask me, why not both?” Ali Lee who was interviewed earlier and expressed she might not be in the sequel. Kenneth Ma expressed, “Why would she be dead? It didn’t even show her corpse. That gun shot was probably her stealing the guy’s gun and then shooting him. It’s an open ending so it’s up to you to develop it.”

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Producer of the series, Marco Law (羅永賢), shared TVB executives have expressed interest in filming a sequel, but he feels the script needs to come first. He said the script definitely can’t be completed within a year. As for Ali Lee not being in the sequel, he expressed, “It definitely has to be the original cast. If it’s not them, then I’m afraid I won’t be a part of it either.”

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Kenneth Ma also revealed he will be filming “Line Walker 3” (使徒行者3) soon. He rewatched the entire second series to prepare for his role. As he is playing Moses Chan’s younger brother in the series and tries to avenge him, he doesn’t know whether his character is good or bad yet.

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