Natalie Tong Doesn’t Want to Date Anyone From the Entertainment Industry Anymore

Natalie Tong Doesn't Want to Date Anyone From the Entertainment Industry Anymore

Fans got hopeful when ex-lovers, Tony Hung (洪永城) and Natalie Tong (唐詩詠), were present at Priscilla Wong’s (黃翠如) birthday celebration. Many netizens want to see them get back together, but forget that Tony Hung is currently dating model, Inez Leong. Priscilla Wong revealed the two are cordial with each other and it was Natalie Tong who invited everyone for her birthday celebration.

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Natalie Tong attended an event recently and was asked about her preparing for Priscilla Wong’s birthday party. She expressed, “She specified who she wanted to invite. It’s harder to settle on a time for people from the industry.” (It’s rare to be in the same setting as Tony Hung.) “Not really. You guys just don’t see it normally.” (Netizens want you guys to get back together.) “Don’t cause so much trouble. I treasure this friendship a lot. Hope everyone respects us.”

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Natalie Tong also expressed she has been single for a while and indirectly denied dating rumored boyfriend, Samuel Chan (陳思銘). She also said she doesn’t have any suitors right now. When asked if friends have introduced anyone to her, she said, “If there are introductions, they have to pass Priscilla Wong first. She will help me filter them. In fact, she is strict and has standards. You can tell by how good her husband is. I trust her. Kristal (Tin) (田蕊妮) is actually more open.”

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When talking about the qualities she looks for in a partner, Natalie Tong honestly said, “When I date, I want to keep it low profile. But if the other party is in the industry, it’ll be very hard and a lot of pressure. It’ll be hard to deal with, but there are no absolutes in this world.”

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