Natalie Tong Discovers She Has Mixed Blood Heritage

Natalie Tong Discovers She Has Mixed Blood Heritage

Today is the first day of Lunar New Year. Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) decided to share an encounter with her family that revealed her true heritage on Instagram. She also discovered why her nose bridge is so high.

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On her IG post, she wrote:

“The best thing to do in the new year is to talk to relatives. You will discover a lot of things.

Relative: Mui mui is so pretty, looks like your dad
Relative B: The nose resembles the most
Me: It’s not like dad is a foreigner. Why is the nose so high?
Relative C: Your grandmother is Dutch and Indonesian. Your nose is really high.
Me: What? No way. I am Fujian plus Indonesian plus Dutch mix………Dad……
Dad: You didn’t know? I didn’t say? I don’t really remember. What dessert are we eating? I want walnut sweet soup.”

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In her hashtags, Natalie Tong also wrote, “Don’t ask me anymore why my nose is so high.” and “I want to try DNA testing”. Natalie Tong had previously mentioned she used to only speak Indonesian and Fujianese at home when she was younger, which led her to develop lazy tones. This discovery of her new Dutch blood is certainly a surprise.

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