New C-Pop Boy Group, “GOLDEN AGE” Wants to Make You “WILD WILD”

New C-Pop Boy Group, GOLDEN AGE Wants You to Make Them WILD WILD

New C-Pop boy group, “GOLDEN AGE” (黄金时代), released the music video for the new single”WILD WILD” on June 27. The members might look familiar to you if you followed the male idol survival shows, “Produce Camp 2019” and “All For One” these past few months. They are from a company called A.I.F Entertainment. They debuted last November with the song “You Are My Angel.”

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  1. Tang Xin (唐心) – Leader, Contestant on “Produce Camp 2019”
  2. Li Jingze (李景泽) – Contestant on “Produce Camp 2019”
  3. Lin Ran (林染) – Contestant on “Produce Camp 2019”
  4. Terry Yang Tairui (杨泰瑞) – Contestant on “Produce Camp 2019”, “Idol Producer S1”
  5. Scott Lu Guancheng (吕冠成) – former SM trainee in 2013, Contestant on “All For One”

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Watch the MV for “WILD WILD”:

Watch their performance in the first episode of “Produce Camp 2019 around the 1:15:22 mark:

Credit: Weibo, Sohu

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