Andy Hui Makes First Public Appearance Since “OnSum Cheating” Scandal

Andy Hui Makes First Public Appearance Since OnSum Cheating Scandal

Ever since the “OnSum Cheating” scandal back in April, Andy Hui (許志安) said he would take time off to reflect on himself. Luckily for him, Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文) decided to forgive him and work on their marriage. Just recently, he was spotted in the reflection of a window in one of Sammi Cheng’s IG story. It seems the two were working out together. Yesterday, Andy Hui was spotted meeting up with a friend after laying low for 72 days since the scandal.

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Andy Hui appeared in good spirits when he saw reporters approaching him and even answered questions. He expressed he’s feeling better emotionally when reporters asked about his recent condition. On whether he will be going to Sammi Cheng’s concert, he said “Don’t know yet.” When asked if would still keep in contact with Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎), he said, “No. (No more?) Correct. Just trying to be a better version of myself. Have to face myself. Thank you.”

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Sharp eyed netizens noticed the shirt he wore in the recent pictures is the same one he wore the night of the taxi cab scandal. They left comments such as “Please don’t wear this shirt again.” “He really looked like he was possessed by a ghost before. Yulan Festival is almost here. Hurry up and burn the shirt”, “Maybe it’s a punishment. His wife told him to wear this cheating shirt to go out and let people “inch” him.”

Credit: Apple Daily HK (1, 2), Andy Hui IG

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