Andy Hui and Jacqueline Wong Caught Being Intimate in Taxi Cab

Andy Hui and Jacqueline Wong Caught Being Intimate in Taxi Cab

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According to video footage exclusive to Apple Daily HK , Hong Kong singer, Andy Hui (許志安) was caught being intimate with TVB starlet, Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎), in a taxi cab. Andy Hui (52) is married to Hong Kong celebrity Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文), while Jacqueline Wong (30) is dating TVB actor, Kenneth Ma (馬國明). In an almost 16 minute clip, Andy Hui and Jacqueline Wong are accompanied by a male friend getting into a taxi cab. The male friend insists on sending Jacqueline Wong home first, but she and Andy Hui are insistent on dropping off the male friend first. At the beginning of the clip, Jacqueline Wong is even heard dropping Chinese curse words at the male friend.

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After the male friend is dropped off, Jacqueline Wong and Andy Hui start getting intimate and touchy with each other. The both of them gave the same address location to the taxi driver after their friend left. They are seen holding hands and kissing each other non-stop. The video shows Andy Hui’s hand in between Jacqueline Wong’s thighs quite a few times, while Jacqueline Wong’s hands can be seen on Andy Hui’s lap as well.

Watch the video courtesy of Apple Daily HK:

Video 2 showing the both of them getting off together:

According to an insider tip given to Apple Daily HK, it is reported Jacqueline Wong met Andy Hui through a crew member of his. The insider says, “Jacqueline is smart. Once she sees Andy, she turns into a mini fan. Andy’s impression of her is also very good. Not long after, Jacqueline started going to the same gym as Andy. When Andy had a concert in Macau last year, Jacqueline also went to support him. Afterwards, she even posted a picture of them together and a clip of his performance on IG.” It is said they have maintained their “secret relationship” for almost two years.

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Jacqueline Wong has disabled the comments on her Instagram, while Andy Hui has not. Jacqueline Wong has posted several pictures with Andy Hui on her Instagram before. What’s worse is that Jacqueline Wong and Sammi Cheng are also friends as there is a clip of them working out together on Sammi Cheng’s account. Jacqueline Wong had also left a comment on one of Sammi Cheng’s posts from a week ago.

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When reporters told Jacqueline Wong’s sister, Scarlett Wong (黃心美), about the video of her sister with Andy Hui, she said, “What? Andy Hui? Where did it come from?” When reporters said it came from Apply Daily HK, she said she needed to understand the situation first. When asked if she knew Jacqueline Wong and Andy Hui being together, she said, “I really don’t know. I have to see the video first.”

Credit: Apple Daily HK (1,2, 3), Jacqueline Wong IG, Andy Hui IG

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