Yutori Kudo Fan Strikes Again on Jacqueline Wong’s Instagram Posts

Yutori Kudo Fan Strikes Again on Jacqueline Wong's Instagram Posts

Just when we thought the Yutori Kudo (工藤佑采) and Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) drama simmered down after Jacqueline claiming she doesn’t want to be associated with Yutori again, the latter’s fans are attacking again.

A Yutori fan opened an Instagram account and had a post saying “Jacqueline, you bitch!”  Jacqueline posted a picture of her with a drink on her Instagram account, which triggered the Yutori fan to leave hurtful comments on her post.  One of the comments said “You are the ugliest Miss Hong Kong winner in pageant history.  I’m looking forward to you and Kenneth Ma breaking up.” 

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This Yutori fan was not finished yet.  Jacqueline, not fazed with the malicious attacks, posted another picture today of her in a bikini with her back facing us, happily enjoying the moment.  Fellow artist, Paisley Hu (胡蓓蔚), asked for a frontal picture.  This triggered the hater to leave a comment tagging Paisley, “No need for a frontal view, she doesn’t have a nice figure.  Your figure is even better than hers.” 

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Jacqueline, being the strong willed person she is, has remained calm and cool.  She hasn’t lashed back at the haters and frankly, she doesn’t need to do anything.  However, not long after, Jacqueline posted a frontal view picture of her in a bikini.  Was this an indirect dig at the haters?  Maybe Kenneth needs to start posting pictures of him in swim swear to take the heat off the situation.  Would anyone want to see that? Comment below!

Credit: hk.on.cc, IG (1, 2)

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