Machi DiDi Rejects “Rap of China”, Disses Kris Wu’s Freestyle Skills

Andrew Chou, known as Machi DiDi (麻吉弟弟), started out as a child rapper with the Taiwanese-American hip hop group, Machi (麻吉). 

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Machi DiDi was promoting the new “The Predator” movie by DJing a set at the Ultra Taiwan Electronic Music Festival.  Talking about his music plans, he said, “I’m not pursuing rap anymore.  I’m preparing my own electronic music album. I know a lot of people will ask “Why don’t you do hip hop?.”  Because I want to do my own music.  I don’t care what anyone thinks.  I want to be able to perform my own songs.  I will be performing less hip hop music from here on out, even Big Brother Jeff (麻吉大哥, 黃立成) doesn’t perform hip hop music anymore.”

When asked if he wants to join the next season of “The Rap of China” (中国新说唱), Machi DiDi flat out said,  “I have no plans to join.  I can’t freestyle.  My freestyle is just as hilarious as Kris Wu’s (吴亦凡).”  A reporter pressed on further asking Machi DiDi which parts he was referring to, he responded, “Go watch the clips on Youtube and you’ll understand.”

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He also went on to say his favorite rapper on the show is LIL-EM (那吾克热).  Machi DiDi goes “Watching his rap and his flow, I realized there’s no need for me to rap anymore.”

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