Kris Wu Reveals He’s Lonely and Wants to Find a Partner on “Back to Field”

Kris Wu Reveals He's Lonely and Wants to Find a Partner on "Back to Field"

This week’s episode of “Back to Field” Season 3, (向往的生活) continued with Kris Wu (吴亦凡) as a guest. Last week he joked about finding his other half that can make a good “big bowl of wide noodles.” He even said, “I am your big bowl, are you my wide noodles?”

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On this week’s episode, Huang Lei (黃磊) mentioned he was a bit shocked at Kris Wu’s declaration of looking for a partner even though he knew was joking. Kris Wu says, “But actually, I do want to (find a partner). He Jiong (何炅) then says, “Indeed, It didn’t cross my mind he’s (Kris Wu) almost 30 already. In my heart, he’s still a child.” When He Jiong asked Kris Wu if he had any anxiety about turning 30, he reveals, “The biggest feeling I have about turning 30 is being lonely.” When asked why he felt that way, Kris Wu said, “It’s (loneliness) flooded within my creations and everything around me. I also don’t know why it’s like this. Probably because as I get closer to 30, the more lonely I feel. That is probably the reason why I declared I was looking for a partner before. The feeling is becoming more real.”

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Kris Wu Reveals He's Lonely and Wants to Find a Partner on "Back to Field"

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He Jiong affirms, “You keep hoping to find a companion.” Kris Wu confirms, “Yes, this is what I am feeling.” He Jiong then asks him if he has ever imagined what his future family lifestyle would look like. Kris Wu responds, “Homely. It’ll be more traditional.” Huang Lei tells Kris Wu everything changes once you have children. He Jiong says Kris Wu is quite a homebody and is very realistic. He knows what he wants and what he’s afraid of.

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Kris Wu Reveals He's Lonely and Wants to Find a Partner on "Back to Field"

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Huang Lei raises a glass and wishes Kris Wu’s wishes can come true by the time he is 35. Kris Wu thanks him and says, “Before turning 35, I must (find a partner and settle down).”

Watch Kris Wu getting candid about almost turning 30:

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