Yang Yang Warmly Welcomed by Fans in First Thailand Fan Meeting

Yang Yang Warmly Welcomed by Fans in First Thailand Fan Meeting

It’s no surprise when people talk about Chinese actor, Yang Yang’s (杨洋) popularity. His fanbase extends beyond China as evident in the flood of comments on his Instagram account when fans discovered he had quietly joined earlier this year. It’s said his series with Zheng Shuang (郑爽), “Love O2O” (微微一笑很倾城), was what really catapulted him to international star status.

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Yang Yang was in Thailand on June 13th for a promotional event for Tencent’s WeTV streaming service. He also took the opportunity to have his first overseas fan meeting in Thailand. He was warmly welcomed by Thai fans at the airport who were lined up waiting for his arrival.

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To showcase Yang Yang’s popularity, he ranked #3 on the Trending Topics for Thailand on June 13.

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Here’s a compilation of all the highlights during Yang Yang’s first fan meeting in Thailand:

Yang Yang greeting “Sawadee ka” to fans in his deep voice: http://t.cn/AiNvZSvU

Yang Yang showing off his Thai: http://t.cn/AiNAzaSM

While there, he showed off his dancing skills. Thai MC teaching Yang Yang traditional Thai bamboo dance: http://t.cn/AiCkphJi,

Yang Yang shocked in the beginning when MC cues him to dance: http://t.cn/AiCFCppb

Yang Yang is also known to be a “warm man” (暖男) amongst his fans. He took the time to sign autographs for his fans even though someone from his team said they were pressed for time to catch their flight: http://t.cn/AiNzlLn4

Fans sending him off at the airport: http://t.cn/AiNZccdj

Yang Yang waving bye to fans before going through security: http://t.cn/AiNZoV80

Constantly waving to fans and giving them hearts while going through security: http://t.cn/AiNZeeF0

Lastly, he didn’t forget to thank his “little sheep” for their letters and gifts. In his Weibo post, he included the caption: “How come there are little sheep who are cute just like me? Also, you guys who are just as cute”


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