Lay Zhang Wants You to be His “Honey”

Lay Zhang Wants You to be His Honey

Lay Zhang is back with a new EP titled “Honey.” He released the music video for the title track of the same name today. There is also a Chinese version of the song, titled “和你”, which means “with you.” It is pronounced as “he ni” and was transliterated from “Honey.”

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There are some interesting lyrics such as:

Scarlett Johansson, I like ’em blond
Harry Potter, girl, I got the magic wand
I got so many flavors in my phone
Girl, I can make you melt, I can turn you on
Honey drip drip dripping off your body
Said she wanna drive me like a Maserati.

Say what?!? Wasn’t he just singing about being a sheep a while ago?!

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Also, there is a reason why he was putting so much work at the gym.

Lay Zhang Wants You to be His "Honey"

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The music video is uploaded on Lay Zhang’s own Youtube Channel titled, “LAY.” This is a change as his previous music videos were all uploaded on SMTOWN’s own channel. Make sure to support the video on his own channel so he gets the deserved views.

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Credit: Lay Zhang Youtube, Lay Zhang Weibo