Kris Wu Reveals He Wasn’t Happy When He Wrote “Big Bowl Thick Noodle”

Many people would think Kris Wu (吴亦凡) has it all based on what they see on the surface. Whether it be fame, money, or admiration, many people envy his life and want to emulate it. However, Kris Wu got candid about his sentiments on being a musician on the latest episode of the variety show, “FOURTRY” (潮流合伙人).

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In the fourth week of “FOURTRY”, Kris Wu, Wei Daxun (魏大勋), and “The Rap of China” contestant, Fox (福克斯), were recording a song for the show. Kris Wu starts talking about how important the mic they used is to him. He revealed he wrote many songs with that mic, including “Big Bowl Thick Noodle” (大碗宽面). Wei Daxun then asks Kris Wu if he wrote that song. Kris Wu responds, “Of course I wrote it, but let me tell you, “Big Bowl Thick Noodle”, you’re not the first person to ask me.”

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Wei Daxun afraid Kris Wu misunderstood his intentions, starts humming this line from the verse, “I’ve spent this life wandering all over the world and feel indifferent with the way things are now.” Before he can continue explaining, Kris Wu says, “Yes, I feel people who have similar experiences will understand. A lot of people tell me “Big Bowl Thick Noodle” is a very happy [song]. Actually, when I wrote this song, I wasn’t that happy. Do you understand that feeling? As a man…I already had to ridicule myself.”

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Fox then explains when Kris Wu first started out in this business, he was treated with prejudice, but later on, people started to slowly change their views about him. Kris Wu then expresses, “Sometimes it’s like this. Each industry, each profession, has their own hardships, but what I wanted to say behind the ridicule is that I still got this. So my explanation is very simple. In this life time, I’ve wandered to a lot of places, so I already feel indifferent to everything. So I offer this song to everyone.”

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