Studio Addresses “Hickey-Like” Mark on Kris Wu’s Neck During NYE Performance

Studio Addresses the "Hickey-Like" Mark on Kris Wu's Neck During NYE Performance

All the major television channels held their 2020 new year’s eve celebration concerts with star studded casts. Many of the trending topics on Weibo that night and the following day were filled mostly about the NYE performances. Perhaps, one of the most interesting trending topic was “Kris Wu’s neck”.

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Kris Wu (吴亦凡) was one of the performers at HunanTV’s new year’s eve celebration. He performed “Eternal Love” (贰叁) and “Big Bowl Thick Noodles’ (大碗宽面). The topic “Kris Wu’s neck” started trending at the number one spot when netizens noticed a red mark on the right side of his neck. Netizens immediately started speculating the red mark was a hickey.

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However, fans observed the red mark wasn’t there when Kris Wu sang his first song, “Eternal Love”. It was only when he performed “Big Bowl Thick Noodles” did the red mark appear. They suspect the mark could’ve been the result of fans grabbing him when he moved to the other side of the stage.

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Kris Wu’s studio addressed the debate about the red mark shortly after the clock struck midnight and included a picture of his neck without the mark. They expressed, “Hainan is too passionate. Don’t know if it’s the mosquitoes or allergies. It came and left hurriedly. (Offering a non-photoshopped picture in the late night)”

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Studio Addresses the "Hickey-Like" Mark on Kris Wu's Neck During NYE's Performance

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