Fans Clarify Dating Speculations between Kris Wu and Co-star, Kiko Ye

Fans Clarify Dating Speculations between Kris Wu and Co-star, Kiko Ye

When the dating rumors between Kris Wu (吴亦凡) and current “Youth With You 2020” trainee, Luyi Luna (秦牛正威), went viral last August, he never addressed the rumors. Luyi Luna on the other hand, denied dating Kris Wu, despite pictures hinting otherwise.

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Kris Wu was once again dragged into another dating rumor because of the pictures he posted of him playing basketball. On March 28, Kris Wu uploaded this set of photos of him at the basketball court. He included the caption, “Daily life with colleagues after work”.

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Everything seemed fine until sharp eyed netizens noticed a blurred silhouette of a female sitting in the sidelines in one of the pictures.

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Netizens discovered the female in the picture was actress Kiko Ye (叶可儿). She had also posted a similar set of pictures at the basketball court and in an outfit that looked like the one worn by the female in the picture. This immediately led people to speculate Kris Wu and Kiko Ye were dating. Her name, Ye Ke’er (叶可儿), quickly trended on Weibo.

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Thankfully, Kris Wu’s super sleuth fans came to the rescue to help him clarify the dating rumors. His fans explained that Kris Wu was playing basketball with a bunch of the cast and crew from his currently filming series, “The Golden Hairpin” (青簪行), after work that day. They showed posts of other cast members who were also present that day and posted similar pictures. They explained Kiko Ye is also part of “The Golden Hairpin” cast.

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Perhaps due to the plethora of netizens bombarding Kiko Ye’s Weibo, she deleted the set of pictures from that day. Even then, some netizens still bombarded her with messages saying, “Is the hot trend for real?”, “If you’re innocent, why bother caring?”, “If you don’t delete it, then people say you’re trying to trend, if you do delete it, then they say you’re revealing what you wanted to hide. It’s hard to live nowadays.”

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