Jacqueline Wong Apologizes to Kenneth Ma

Jacqueline Wong Apologizes to Kenneth Ma

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After Andy Hui’s (許志安) teary and emotional press conference on the 16th, Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) relayed her statement on the “OnSum Cheating” scandal through TVB executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲), today.

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Virginia Lok said, “A lot of reporters looked for me yesterday. I said I wanted to clear my mind first to see how I should handle this situation, discuss with the company and colleagues on how to respond. I spoke to Jacqueline yesterday for a long time. She is very, very regretful and knows that she committed a really terrible mistake. She is very sorry to everyone who were impacted, especially her parents and family. She is sorry to the company, sorry to Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and his family. At this moment, her emotions haven’t stabilized yet. The company feels she needs to take a break for a while.”

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As for Kenneth Ma, Virginia Lok said, “He is okay. No need to worry about him. Kenneth Ma is very good. He requested to continue working, told everyone they don’t need to yield to him. So he will continue working tonight on the location shoots for “The Excorcist Master 2.0” (降魔的II).

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  1. Apologizes’s not good enough. What is the meaning of loyalty and trust. I think Kenneth Ma should go on his life find someone better. If she does one will so it again, trust me!!

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