Flow Leung Insinuates Jacqueline Wong and Kenneth Ma were Only an On-Screen Couple

Flow Leung Insinuates Jacqueline Wong and Kenneth Ma were Only an On Screen Couple

Fitness trainer, Flow Leung (梁裕恆), is at it again with his support for Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎). He posted a long post in response to the comments he received. At one point, he even insinuates Jacqueline Wong and Kenneth Ma were only an on-screen couple!

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Flow Leung’s post primarily breaks down the comments left by netizens. When it came to why Jacqueline Wong was being constantly yelled at, he listed the two main reasons: 1) Not breaking up with Kenneth Ma (馬國明) first 2) Starting a relationship with Andy Hui (許志安) before he got a divorce. However, he proceeds to say, “How many pairs of on-screen couples do you think are real?”, insinuating the two were not really dating, therefore the first point is moot. He doesn’t divulge further into the on-screen couple statement, but says he will talk about it more if there is an opportunity.

As for the second point, he claims society has a lot of despicable men who are married, but still go out to “play.” They claim their marriage has problems and act pitiful. They try to get compassion from women and cheat them of their youth, feelings, and body, telling them they will get a divorce. He goes on to say that he has a lot of female friends in the same predicament, trying to prove that women will sometimes be crazy enough to believe these men’s stories. Once again, he is insinuating Andy Hui is at fault here and Jacqueline Wong is just a victim for believing in his supposed lies.

Shortly afterwards, he made another post in response to a news article about what TVB actress, Natalie Tong (唐詩詠), posted on her social media accounts. She responded to reporters saying, “This matter only pertains to the four people involved.” She claims she wasn’t responding to the scandal, nor does she have anything to say, and that she was just reminding herself not to say anything wrong.

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Flow Leung addresses his post to someone with the surname “Tong”, but doesn’t explicitly mention Natalie Tong’s name. He criticizes Natalie Tong’s alleged dating rumors, insinuating she doesn’t have the right to talk about others given her own history and even says she has been faking this good girl persona all these years. He goes on to say the four people involved are celebrities and have to be responsible to society, so they are not excluded from public discussion. He also says all along, he has only been talking about his own thoughts about family, love, and marriage.

For someone that claims he isn’t trying to gain popularity or fame, he seems to follow himself in the news a lot.


Credit: hk.on.cc, Flow Leung IG, Jacqueline Wong IG

7 thoughts on “Flow Leung Insinuates Jacqueline Wong and Kenneth Ma were Only an On-Screen Couple

  1. What a piece of garbage. I can’t type in Chinese but if I could I’d love to type on his instagram asking him why would a victim put herself out there entirely shamelessly?

    Jacqueline did not have to have any interactions with Sammi, if she is as guilty as he claims she feels, she probably can’t even bring herself to be around the wife of the man she’s sleeping with. She not only brought herself around, she was unnecessarily friendly and working out with Sammi. Even commenting on Sammi’s Instagram around the same time as the taxi incident.

    JW asks Andy in the taxi “are you afraid?” as Andy seemed to hesitate and act cautiously, keep in mind he also never followed JW back on instagram. JW did not all seem cautious in the taxi nor throughout the affair with her following Andy’s instagram and posting numerous photos of them together, as she was having an affair with him and warming up to his wife. These are the actions of a person who feels no shame and not of someone riddled with guilt. What a sociopath.

    I find it hilarious that Flow stated that he’s willing to speak more on it if he has the opportunity lol what a terrible person trying to benefit from this fiasco…

    1. He’s getting comments in English and Chinese, but why bother giving him any more attention. If he is as close with Jacqueline Wong as his posts suggest, he should shut up before he causes more trouble. He thinks he’s helping her, but it’s hurting her even more.

      His reasons for defending Jacqueline Wong are ridiculous. There are no excuses for being with a married person. She knew what she was doing.

      Yes, I can’t believe she had the audacity to hang around Sammi and befriend her. That is the ultimate betrayal. What sucks is her family and colleagues are getting dragged into this because of her actions. While she can hide and ignore the comments, her sisters are bearing the brunt of the public’s comments.

      1. Not sure why reporters bother the families…as for Jaqueline…perhaps she is busy looking at job posts. Pretty sure her present occupation(s) is over.

        1. Yeah, her entertainment career is done. The tabloids supposedly took pictures of her crying at home and hugging her head between her legs. Even though she is guilty, they need to leave her alone and “reflect.” Why don’t we have pictures of Andy Hui crying besides the press conference?

      2. Yeah, I agree, it’s entirely unfair to bother JW’s family over her personal, individual wrong doing. People need to leave her family alone, they weren’t the ones that did this and even in Scarlett’s case, whether she knew about the situation beforehand or not, that is her own sister, she’s not going to cut off ties with her own family and no one should expect that.

    2. This guy is annoying! Jacqueline doesn’t need him to speak up for her. Nothing he says will justify her cheating on her boyfriend with a married man. He first said Jacqueline confided in him saying she felt bad for hurting her boyfriend and now he says they aren’t a real couple. Which is it? Make up your mind and get your story right. You got your 5 minutes (literally) of “fame”…girl, bye! 👋🏻

      1. I believe 5% of what he said – Married men never mean it when they say they’ll leave their wives and get a divorce. I don’t know why he thinks he’s qualified to speak on Jacqueline Wong’s behalf. I doubt they are even friends as he claims. The stuff he claims Jacqueline Wong supposedly told him sounds so cliche, like it’s from a movie.

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