Flow Leung Offers More Conspiracy Theories into the “OnSum Cheating” Scandal

Flow Leung Offers More Conspiracy Theories into the "OnSum Cheating" Scandal

Flow Leung (梁裕恆) is at it again trying to squeeze the last drop of his 15 minutes of fame. The former Mr. Hong Kong contestant and fitness instructor uploaded a Youtube clip on his account yesterday giving more “insight” on why the events of the “OnSum” scandal aren’t what they seem on the surface. He breaks down the scandal like it’s some conspiracy. However, the video and all the posts he made about the scandal have been removed from his social media accounts. Fortunately, Oriental Daily News was able to save the video before he took it down.

Former Mr. Hong Kong Contestant Claims Jacqueline Wong is the Real Victim

Flow Leung Insinuates Jacqueline Wong and Kenneth Ma were Only an On-Screen Couple

Watch the entire video here: https://hk.on.cc/hk/bkn/cnt/entertainment/20190424/bkn-20190424224123845-0424_00862_001.html

The following is a translation of the main points of the video:

“On April 2, this relationship has already been around for two years. How many people knew about this, how many people were in on it? This is the first point.

Point 2: How many taxis were there? If they took different taxis that night, would there be a different outcome that night?

Point 3: There are four characters in the car. One is the driver, one is the third party, the fatty. If the fatty wasn’t there, would this whole incident have been successful? Is the driver really just a simple taxi driver? All cars in Hong Kong drive on the right side, so it’s normal car cameras would be filming on the left side because passengers usually get on/off the left side. That night, Andy Hui sat on the right side. Why was the camera already facing on the right side? How did he know ahead of time that Andy Hui would be sitting on the right side? Who in the car can make this happen? Would it be the taxi driver is already in on this?

How many people knew about this relationship for the past two years? Could it be that both parties significant others already knew about this? There have been rumors that Cheng and Hui have an open marriage and allow each other to go out and play. But could it be that Hui fell in love while he was out playing? Could it be that one side is taking revenge? After the scandal blew up, who benefitted the most from it? From a financial standpoint, the biggest benefactor, whose marketing blew up? Whose popularity grew bigger? Who became the victim and got the sympathy?”

When it comes to Sammi Cheng’s statement and Kenneth Ma’s press conference, regarding Kenneth Ma’s attitude, it seemed like he was treating the situation as a third party. He doesn’t look hurt at all. Everyone says he is a good man. To me, I think they (Kenneth Ma and Jacqueline Wong) never loved each other. If they did love each other, then it’s pretty cold hearted. With Sammi Cheng, it was said she held his hand and prayed, talked for a very long time. Has everyone been mad at their husbands before? After such a big scandal, is it possible to immediately forgive that person that night? Could this be another public relations move? What is the reasoning behind this? Could it be another financial consideration?

Why am I standing up to support Jacqueline Wong? Because she is not selling herself. In society and the entertainment industry, these incidents are always happening. No one looks further into these incidents that always happens in showbiz. But this time, the whole city is “bullying” this girl. Why? Because Andy Hui is ugly and poor?

Everyone is saying I am trying to gain popularity. I know if I say this, I probably don’t need to film anymore. I know I’ll be yelled at nonstop by netizens. Because of what? Because no one is thinking, not thinking about getting to the truth. I also know a lot of these are just trolls. All are fake accounts. Why would someone want this situation to quickly settle down? It all comes back to the financial considerations. There are already some reports or online discussions already getting closer to the truth. I believe I will be vindicated from blame soon.”

Surprisingly, Yutori Kudo, who has beef with Jacqueline Wong, came out to question Flow Leung’s true motives. She wrote on her IG: Mr. Hong Kong is always saying he is helping Jacqueline Wong….but why do I feel like he might be the one that dislikes Ms. Wong the most? He is always trying to turn fallacious arguments into justified reasoning.”

Credit: hk.on.cc, hk01.com