Former Mr. Hong Kong Contestant Claims Jacqueline Wong is the Real Victim

Former Mr. Hong Kong Contestant Claims Jacqueline Wong is the Real Victim

While there were a minority of Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) supporters in the wake of the “OnSum Cheating” scandal, no one came out to support her like Flow Cheung (梁裕恆), a 2016 Mr. Hong Kong contestant. Flow Cheung uploaded a post on Instagram today recounting an alleged incident where Jacqueline Wong told him she was in a relationship with a married man whose wife is a famous celebrity and that he told her he was going to get a divorce.

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His post reads:

“I suddenly remembered some things, I have to get them off my chest. I remember there was one day, she [Jacqueline Wong] was very unhappy. She told me she didn’t have a lot of opportunities to be with her boyfriend, resulting in problems in their relationship. She also said she fell in love with a married man and felt very guilty. That man is a diva’s husband, but that man said their marriage already had problems early on. That man told her [Jacqueline Wong] he would be getting a divorce, which is why she only agreed to be with him. If that is the case, she is only a victim. After the news broke out, no one said a fair word about her. I don’t understand why she doesn’t respond. She is taking on all of this by herself. That man doesn’t have money nor is he good looking. She isn’t selling herself. She is just a girl chasing after love. That man can’t give her anything. She just loved the wrong person. She is wrong, but the penalty doesn’t fit the crime.”

As expected, there was backlash. Many netizens left comments criticizing him for trying to gain publicity in the wake of this scandal. While many people thought he would delete the post, Flow Leung kept it up and uploaded another post without any captions, seemingly in response to netizens.

Flow Leung responded to Oriental Daily News on the backlash and said he was only trying to share the facts he knew of to give everyone a different perspective. He clarifies that he never said the people involved were not wrong. He also denies he was trying to gain publicity.

Credit: (1, 2), Flow Leung IG, Jacqueline Wong IG

2 thoughts on “Former Mr. Hong Kong Contestant Claims Jacqueline Wong is the Real Victim

  1. That’s ridiculous. Claiming in his first post that Jacqueline Wong is “only a victim,” already has connotations that he believes she deserves some matter of sympathy or that she isn’t wrong.

    She’s 30 years old, not an undeveloped teenager. There are no excuses. She knew he was married in the first place, how does one “fall in love,” with a married man and then proceed to get physical with him knowing full well he was still in a marriage and be a “victim” at the same time? Every single one of the things this dude listed is ridiculous and makes him out to be incredibly naive or unintelligent to the point of on bordering mental retardation.

    It’s quite obvious he’s trying to gain fame during this controversy. Hopefully it’d be notoriety for stupidity more so than getting actual jobs because despite him defending his post stating that he never said those involved were not wrong, he obviously was trying to speak about Jacqueline Wong in defense. The classic, “only,” a victim, the listing of reasons why she did what she did, when in fact there aren’t any reasons.

    If someone is married, stay away, simple. We aren’t teenagers or children, a 30 year old and a 51 year old (particularly the 51 year old) has no clue how to interact with others in regards to adult relationships, their own relationship status and each other?

    Jacqueline Wong straight up, could have and should firstly broke up with her own boyfriend if she was “falling in love,” with Andy Hui. And she 100% should have done so prior to pursuing Andy or before their full on vulgar make-out session which anyone who isn’t’ stupid, can tell isn’t something that was done once nor just recently.

    Everything is a choice and in her control.

    This Flow Cheung dude (no idea who he is) could’ve stated his sympathy and opinion over using language that paints how Jacqueline Wong is as he said “only a victim,” and then listing reasons why Jacqueline Wong did what she did. There are no reasons needed to be listed, as there is never a “reason” to cheat – just break up, there solved it for you. You won’t cheat, if you broke up first. That solves the first issue. Secondly, there is never a reason to go for a married man – people don’t fall in “love” overnight, stay away as soon as you realize the person is married – boom, problem solved. The person’s married? don’t get into situations where you are constantly around them in the first place, prior to “falling in love,” with them.

    Again, I’d feel bad for her if she was young and naive, she’s neither, not in reality and factually (she’s 30!!!) and not in any way that I can feel nor see based on her actions (she seems to always carry herself with having a lot of unwarranted pride and over confidence, never appeared naive nor shy, just seems to play coy).

    Hilarious and pretty transparent this is for stirring up controversy to gain fame.

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