Kenneth Ma Denies Saying He Doesn’t Want to Date Hong Kong Girls

Kenneth Ma Denies Saying He Doesn't Want to Date Hong Kong Girls

Kenneth Ma (馬國明) has been busy filming TVB series, “The Exorcist’s Meter 2.0” (降魔的2.0). In a recent interview on filming the last scenes for the series, he expressed he would be taking a break and looking to make some quick money. When mentioning netizen’s labeling him as “Entertainment industry’s clear spring”, he said this nickname hasn’t really helped him at work and said making money is the most practical because he could buy a home, a car, and support his family. When asked if he needed to recharge his feelings, he said, “There’s no need. What is there to recharge?” (Reporter: Jacqueline’s scandal caused so much pain) Is it really that much? It’s not as serious as you guys think. I am not someone who looks for sympathy.” On whether he is still in contact with Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎), he declined to comment.

Kenneth Ma is Still Friends with Jacqueline Wong

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When asked if girls will surround you if you have money, Kenneth Ma said it was really pointless and was quoted saying, “I’m not young anymore, I don’t want Hong Kong girls.” As for the qualities he’s looking for in a partner, he said he’s flexible, but it definitely won’t be “materialistic Hong Kong girls.” On the matching couple ring he’s no longer wearing, Kenneth Ma claims it was an accessory for work.

Kenneth Ma Reveals His Current Relationship with Jacqueline Wong

Kenneth Ma spoke to and clarified he never said he wouldn’t date Hong Kong girls and hopes that the media would stop writing carelessly. When asked if he’s prioritizing making money over romance, he said, “Regarding relationships, I never respond, but maybe because reporters really care about me. They always ask me a lot of questions, then I imagine a lot of response and write them down. I really don’t have much to respond anymore.”

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