Jolin Tsai’s Ex-Boyfriend, Vivian Dawson, Caught Kissing Model, Akemi

Jolin Tsai's Ex-Boyfriend, Vivian Dawson, Caught Kissing Model, Akemi

Taiwanese pop diva, Jolin Tsai (蔡依林), and her model boyfriend, Vivian Dawson (錦榮), broke up three years ago. Their relationship was always plagued with ill-will from the public due to Jolin Tsai being more successful and older than Vivian Dawson. While it was an amicable break up, the two didn’t have much public interaction with each other until last year when Vivian Dawson wished Jolin Tsai a happy birthday on Instagram.

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It was reported 4 months after the break up, Vivian Dawson was often seen with fellow Japanese-Brazilian mixed model, Akemi. The two were always seen hanging out, riding bikes, eating with friends, and going to the gym together. To top it off, they’re always posting pictures and videos of each other and their time together on Instagram. However, the two always denied dating and claimed to be good friends only. Vivian Dawson was asked if there was a chance for him and Akemi to become boyfriend-girlfriend status. At the time, he responded, “This is something I don’t know.” Perhaps that relationship has elevated as the two were caught kissing by Taiwanese paparazzi today!

Jolin Tsai and Ex-Boyfriend Vivian Dawson Break the Ice on Social Media

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Vivian Dawson’s manager responded to the report saying, “Vivian is practically busy filming in China, but next month, he will return to Taiwan to host variety show, “Prince’s Moving Castle 3” (王子的移動城堡3). We don’t talk about relationships in private because Vivian values his privacy. Why don’t you guys ask them when you see them again, see how they respond. Akemi’s manager responded, “I can’t find Akemi. I don’t know her response and the company doesn’t oversee artists’ private life.”

Vivian Dawson and Akemi Split After Admitting to Relationship Four Months Ago

Credit: Apple Daily TW, Ent iFeng, Akemi IG, Vivian Dawson IG