Jolin Tsai and Ex-Boyfriend Vivian Dawson Break the Ice on Social Media

Jolin Tsai and Ex-Boyfriend Vivian Dawson Break the Ice on Social Media

Taiwanese pop queen, Jolin Tsai (蔡依林) and her model ex-boyfriend, Vivian Dawson (錦榮), broke up in 2016 after dating for six years.  While it wasn’t a nasty break up, the two weren’t exactly friends either.  The two haven’t shown any public interaction with each other since the breakup.  

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Many fans of Jolin and netizens weren’t optimistic about the relationship due to the age gap (she’s 38 and he’s 34) and the difference in status.  Jolin was already an established celebrity while Vivian, originally from New Zealand, has a Chinese Singaporean mom and a New Zealander dad, was a model who got noticed after he started dating Jolin.

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Vivian had previously made comments such as “I am getting old.  My back isn’t too good.  The next time I find a girlfriend,  she has to be taller so I don’t have to bend down to talk.”  Jolin is 5’2″ (156 cm) while Vivian is 6’2″ (188 cm).  Many netizens felt Vivian was ungentleman-like for what seemed like he was throwing shade at Jolin.  

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Finally, almost 2 years later, on Jolin’s 38th birthday on the 15th, Vivian left a birthday greeting on Jolin’s Instagram.  This caught the attention of many netizens seeing that their relationship has improved and that they could remain as friends.