Vivian Dawson Admits to Dating Korean-American Actress, Kirstin Leigh

Vivian Dawson Admits to Dating Korean-American Actress, Kirstin Leigh

Since his break up with Akemi, the Taiwan based Singaporean-New Zealander mix actor, Vivian Dawson (錦榮), was rumored to be dating Korean-American actress, Kirstin Leigh. Last December, Vivian Dawson and Kirstin Leigh were spotted by Taiwanese paparazzi in Taiwan two months after announcing his break up with Akemi. Vivian Dawson didn’t admit to the dating rumors until recently.

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On September 23, Vivian Dawson attended an event and admitted to his relationship with Kirstin Leigh. He also said he got along very well with her 3 year old son. He revealed they often watch Korean dramas together and doesn’t mind her past because “without past relationship experiences, then you wouldn’t become the person you are today.”

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Vivian Dawson and Kirstin Leigh

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Vivian Dawson and Kirstin Leigh have the same manager in the US and also have mutual friends. They slowly turned from friends to lovers. Vivian Dawson revealed when he went to the US for auditions in the beginning of the year, his girlfriend’s support was a great strength. He expressed, “I originally thought my mother tongue was English so it wouldn’t be any problem, but when I got there, it seemed like I couldn’t understand English anymore.”

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Growing up in New Zealand, Vivian Dawson experienced culture shock and had difficulty understanding some puns. Kirstin Leigh would accompany Vivian Dawson to read the script and tell him that it wasn’t the right meaning. When he lived in the US, Vivian Dawson said he got along with her son very well. He also learned some Korean from listening to Kirstin Leigh’s son speak it.

Kirstin Leigh and her son, Royce

Vivan Dawson’s exes include singer, Jolin Tsai, and model and host, Akemi. He expressed, “The most suitable person to date an actor is an actor because when we’re acting, we become another person. Once you get invested into the character, even if you come out of the character, you’ll still become vulnerable in your heart.”

Vivian Dawson and Akemi

After Vivian Dawson returned to Taiwan in July, he has been living apart from Kirstin Leigh due to the pandemic. However, Vivian Dawson said it was no big deal and revealed his parents also went through 7 years of a long distance relationship and only relied on writing letters back then.

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