Vivian Dawson Shows Off His “ASSets”

Jolin Tsai Ex-boyfriend Vivian Dawson Akemi

Taiwanese pop diva, Jolin Tsai (蔡依林), has recently been rumored to be dating the lead singer, Shin (阿信), of Taiwanese group, Mayday (五月天).  Her ex-boyfriend, Vivian Dawson (錦榮), isn’t doing bad for himself either as he has been seen hanging a lot with mixed Japanese-Brazilian model, Akemi.  While the two haven’t addressed the dating rumors or clarified their relationship, it’s hard not to root for the leggy model couple.  The couple are often seen posting their workouts and hard rock bodies on Instagram.  

Vivian Dawson and Akemi Split After Admitting to Relationship Four Months Ago

His efforts and hard work were not in vain as his “ASSets” raised a lot of attention when he posted a side profile pic of his sculpted body in a white dress shirt and form fitting pants.  It turns out a worker had told Vivian Dawson to tuck his shirt properly as it looked like his butt was sticking out a lot.  As it turns out, it was only his “meat.”  

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Jolin Tsai’s Ex-Boyfriend, Vivian Dawson, Caught Kissing Model, Akemi

Akemi and Vivian Dawson

Credit:, Vivian Dawson IG, Akemi IG

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