Sammi Cheng Forgives Andy Hui in Statement Addressing the “OnSum Cheating” Scandal

Sammi Cheng Forgives Andy Hui in Statement Addressing OnSum Cheating Scandal

Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文) finally addressed her husband, Andy Hui’s (許志安), cheating scandal (安心偷食) with TVB actress, Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) in an Instagram post she posted today. Everyone has been waiting for Sammi Cheng to respond to the comments as all the other parties had already addressed the media in some format. In Sammi Cheng’s post, she chose to forgive Andy Hui and expresses she won’t give up on each other. Many celebrities left encouraging comments in support of Sammi Cheng.

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Here is the entire post:

“This incident is one of the most important lessons of our marriage. During this time, we experienced emotional ups and downs together. We also deeply talked about this incident for a very long time. This is a lesson between us both and also a lesson we must learn on the path of our marriage in the future. We went very deep and far into our marriage. Aside from giving each other happiness and warmth in our marriage, along the way there were also mistakes and forgiveness from each other. We always say who doesn’t have a past? But this is actually the case.

The most important thing out of this incident is to further experience the true meaning of marriage. Happiness isn’t smooth sailing, in between, there will be trials for us to experience the ups and downs together. In order for our relationship as husband and wife to grow and move forward, we need to go deeper into each other’s inner feelings and heart. We will strongly face each other’s weaknesses. Don’t give up on ourselves, don’t give up on each other. Correct each other’s mistakes, remind each other. During the history of our marriage, I truly believe experience and lessons will definitely help us get back on track and make life even better.

During this time, when we were trying to overcome the hardest obstacle, we held hands and prayed. This was a huge help for us. Today, the burden on my shoulders feel a lot lighter. I only hope everything will quickly settle down and return to normalcy. Lastly, I sincerely ask all members of the media to not wait around and interview my elderly parents, who have trouble with mobility. I don’t have anything more to express. From today onwards, I will only look forward. With the testimony of time, I will continue going forward step by step.”

Credit: Sammi Cheng IG (1, 2)

6 thoughts on “Sammi Cheng Forgives Andy Hui in Statement Addressing the “OnSum Cheating” Scandal

  1. I’m a bit surprised that she chose to stay with him. Yes, no one is perfect but he cheated and broke the trust. It’s really big of her & hope he really learns from his mistakes and not take her for granted.

    1. I wish the same but I don’t give a lot of credence to cheaters. With Sammi’s decision, I think it’s a lot to do with her Christian faith being a huge influence. If it gives her peace and she can actually forgive and trust again, then I’m happy for her. Although no one knows what will occur until they go through processing all that’s happened. Hopefully things work out for her.

    2. Rumor has it, the taxi cab incident took place on 4/3 and that Andy Hui, Jacqueline Wong, and Sammi Cheng, all knew about the video beforehand. So that means they had time to react. There are rumors alleging the taxi driver had initially tried to extort money from Andy Hui, but he refused to pay, so it was eventually bought by Apple Daily.

      There are articles claiming Sammi made inferences to the cheating in her recent IG posts leading up to the release of the video. Some people claimed Jacqueline Wong had already disabled her comments on IG a few days before the scandal was exposed.

  2. Thank you for this accurate and articulate translation. Far too many gossip/celebrity websites really have the worse, nearly infantile English translations of what was said when in fact, what is being said in Chinese was also very articulately written.

    I can read a fair amount of Chinese but can’t write it well as I’m American Born and raised, with English speakers at home as well (family has been in the U.S. for a very long time).

    It’s really nice and absolutely matters when there’s a translator who has a higher level of English capacity than middle school level English. Certain words requires more than middle school English to fully express what is being said.

    It’s so refreshing and great that I’m reading something that seems to reflect what was truly written by and spoken to, adults; as opposed to something (which is usually what I see in other gossip/celebrity websites) written by and said to sixth graders.

    So thank you for the great translation!

    1. Thank you for your kind words! It means a lot to me and I really appreciate the support. I can’t take too much credit as I was just translating what Sammi expressed. I hope you visit more often!

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