Jacqueline Wong Rumored to be Declaring Bankruptcy to Pay Off Debts

Jacqueline Wong Rumored to be Declaring Bankruptcy to Pay Off Debts

Since the “OnSum Cheating” scandal was exposed in April, Jacqueline Wong’s (黃心穎) career is pretty much over. Jacqueline Wong’s work activities were completely halted with her series and shows either being shelved or reshot with another artist. It was reported she flew to the US to study and lay low. While TVB executive, Viriginia Lok (樂易玲), had once said they replaced Jacqueline Wong with other artists in reshoots, she claims their clients hadn’t asked for compensation to recoup their losses. However, there are now rumors her advertising sponsors are seeking damages for violating the terms of their contract.

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Because of the damage to her reputation and image, all her ad products have been shelved. It is rumored her ad sponsors are now seeking over 10 million HKD in damages for ads she has filmed, but haven’t aired yet. This amount is in addition to the rumor that TVB is asking her to compensate them in over 30 million HKD in damages for the reshoots. With all that added up, there were rumors Jacqueline Wong was considering filing for bankruptcy to avoid paying her debts. When Oriental Daily News reached out to Virginia Lok to comment, she replied, “No way! There is no such thing!”

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It’s reported Jacqueline Wong is quite the savvy investor. She has a property worth 12 million HKD shared with her sister, Scarlet Wong (黃心美), another HK property worth 8.5 million HKD, and a house in Canada worth 4.2 million HKD.

Credit: hk.on.cc, hk01.com, Jacqueline Wong IG