Edwin Siu and Priscilla Wong Registered Marriage in New Zealand Back in April

Edwin Siu and Priscilla Wong Registered Marriage in New Zealand Back in April

If you watched the 2018 TVB Anniversary Awards show, then you would have witnessed the unexpected bomb Edwin Siu (蕭正楠) dropped.  In his thank you speech, he thanked his “wife”, Priscilla Wong (黃翠如), stealing the show from everyone else, even if everyone was shocked/upset that Ali Lee won “Best Actress” over Alice Chan.  

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After the ceremony, Edwin Siu shared they were already married since April/May of this year in New Zealand.  He also shares his first proposal to Priscilla Wong failed.  He says, “The first time, I proposed to Priscilla while we were on the rollercoaster.  We were on the fastest rollercoaster in Europe.  Who knew I would get so scared when I got up there.  I took the ring out and told her to look at it, but no matter what she wouldn’t look at it.  I was afraid the ring would fall, in the end, this mission was not successful.” 

Edwin Siu Steals the Thunder by Thanking His “Wife”, Priscilla Wong, at the TVB Anniversary Awards Show

As for the second proposal, Edwin Siu says, “Why don’t you guys ask her? I am a bit shy.  I don’t want to reveal too much.  I wanted to use a simple way to complete the mission.  I’ve been wanting to tell everyone since we registered our marriage, but things happened along the way.  Kevin (Cheng) got married, then it was Ruco’s turn to get married.  All of a sudden, Grace (Chan) got pregnant, but I couldn’t say anything.  So I think today was an auspicious day and good opportunity to announce it to the entire Hong Kong audience.” 

Edwin Siu shares it was only them two at the civil ceremony, but they told their family afterwards.  When asked about holding a wedding banquet, he says, “We will see.  We wanted to do it privately by going on vacation and getting married.  I don’t know why we chose New Zealand, but Priscilla is a travel expert.  She was the one who chose it.  It was hard to sync our schedules.  Even the witness was a local person.”  Edwin Siu also reveals Priscilla Wong didn’t know he was going to announce their marriage tonight, but he couldn’t keep it a secret any longer.  

As for the second proposal, Priscilla Wong reveals, “I proposed to him by the river.  There were no pretty clothes or setting.  We couldn’t even find a pair of fitting rings.  We arrived at a small village and found a pair of rings made from kitchenware…just like that.  At that moment, we didn’t have anything, but we had each other.  The witness asked me, why is it each other?  He said, “She is a person, who if she forgot about me in the next lifetime, I will tap her head, then she will remember me.  Then we will be together again.  She is that person.”  I said, “He is a person, who is always by my side whenever I fall, comforting me while I’m crying and bleeding until I calm down.  Then he picks me up and continues leading me.  He is that person.  What we gave each other is the promise to be there for each other.  There was no extravagant romance, but it’s enough.  We are Edwin Siu and Priscilla Wong.  That day, a rainbow appeared in the sky.  This was the best blessing.” 

Credit: Ming Pao, hk.on.cc, Priscilla Wong IG, Edwin Siu FB 

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