Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo Gave Lots of Fan Service at “The Untamed” Fan Meeting

Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo Gave Plenty of Fan Service at "The Untamed" Fan Meeting

This year’s most popular Chinese costume drama has to be the currently airing fantasy series, “The Untamed” (陈情令), starring Xiao Zhan (肖战) and Wang Yibo (王一博). Due to the popularity of the series and the two male leads, the main male cast held a fan meeting on July 12. Even though the series was filmed last year, the cast members still had a lot of chemistry. Before the fan meeting, the cast had an interview and introduced themselves as “The Untamed Heavenly Group.”

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Xiao Zhan’s ideal type

During the fan interaction, one of the fans asked Xiao Zhan to describe his ideal type. Xiao Zhan says, “I’ve mentioned this several times before. I think people will grow. It’s a big challenge. It’s still someone who is gentle, a homebody, but not too submissive nor arrogant either.” The fan then asks him if he would rather choose someone that had an interesting soul or someone with beautiful skin. Without hesitation, Xiao Zhan chooses someone with an interesting soul. Xiao Zhan explains it’s very rare to find a soulmate. However, the audience members said he was lying. Xiao Zhan jokingly tells those who said that to come up on stage. He then explains it’s most important to find someone who is fun and can spend the days with you living life together.

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The fan then asks him how he will confess to someone he likes. Xiao Zhan hesitates for a bit, but ultimately says he would appear around the person a lot. He wouldn’t directly tell them he liked them. He says, “The probability of the confession failing would probably be high. So maybe we would just hang around each other for bit. This is all coming from a 28 year old.”

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First impression of each other

When it came to Wang Yibo recalling how he got close to Xiao Zhan, he said, “Someone that you can get close to, good personality, and easy to come into contact with.” When asked what action Xiao Zhan was doing that made him feel he can get close to him, Wang Yibo said, “Nothing, it’s just a feeling.” As for Xiao Zhan, he said the first time he met Wang Yibo was at the cafeteria. A producer told him, “Hurry! Talk to him.” Xiao Zhan explains Wang Yibo’s personality is the type that doesn’t want strangers to get near him. Wang Yibo agrees and says he acknowledges the awkwardness. Xiao Zhan then continues to say, “He has a very cold demeanor and after getting to know him, he’s just a person that’s slow to warm up, he’s a very good person.”

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Watch the clip here: http://t.cn/AiW4PXmt?m=4393218794143072&u=1886903325

Because the first time they met each other was during a meal break at the cafeteria, the host asked whether each other’s appetite were big. Both of them responded they didn’t really eat that much that day and are controlling their diets due to filming. The host then asks, “Is that why both of your waists look so thin on screen?” Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo are a bit taken aback and look awkward. Wang Yibo then says, “Your focal point is a bit weird. Most people look at the face first, you look at the waist…ummm.” The host then asks the audience to be the judge. Wang Yibo then says, “They are females, so it’s understandable.” The host retorts back, “Right, today we are standing from their perspective.” Xiao Zhan diffuses the situation saying, “We will have to ask our costume director why our clothes are wrapped so tightly.”

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The body part they admire the most of each other

The host was prepared with the juicy questions. He asked Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo which body part they admire or is most satisfied of each other. This elicited a lot of gasps from the audience. So the host corrects himself and says which part of your face they admire the most of each other. Both of them wrote each other’s face. Xiao Zhan explains, “Because Yibo’s face is very small so I am very envious.” Wang Yibo says, “Brother Zhan’s face is very three dimensional, very photogenic, so I am very envious.” Xiao Zhan looks like he wants to whack him again. Wang Yibo explains he’s telling the truth.

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Watch the clip here: http://t.cn/AiW4Zyqu?m=4393220492622973&u=1886903325

You can watch the entire fan meeting here: https://v.qq.com/x/cover/ancnej5b2bpfd4x/z0031xessga.html

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  1. I cant believe why they wont stop dissing the actors. Why? Why can’t you all leave them alone? Why cant you show leniency and some fcking compassion to the both of them? And let them be. Wtf? Such a sad place for actors to be in when fans are the ones bringing them to suicide 😡🤬

  2. Xiao Zhan saying he would rather choose someone with a beautiful soul than someone with beautiful skin is so predictable that it‘s kinda hilarious. But it‘s not like he would tell the truth, even if he wanted to. No celebrity ever does, especially not young male idols and actors who are largely on their mostly female following and their money. It‘s all about creating an illusion, that has nothing to do with the person or reality.
    I love „The Untamed“ and I think Xiao Zhan gave a brilliant perfomance as Wei Wuxian, but I hate those (company) pre-scripted answers. Pity …

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