Ex-Girlfriend of Qi Peixin from “The Untamed” Leaked Intimate Pictures and Accused Him of Cheating and Forcing Her to Get an Abortion

Ex-Girlfriend of Qin Peixin from The Untamed Leaked Intimate Pictures and Accused Him of Cheating and Forcing Her to Get an Abortion

Actor Qi Peixin (漆培鑫) who portrayed “Jin Ling” (金凌) in “The Untamed” (陈情令) is being labeled as scumbag boyfriend of the year as his ex-girlfriend aired out all his dirty laundry on the internet. On August 29, a netizen claimed to be posting on behalf of her friend who made accusations about her ex-boyfriend, Qi Peixin along with a series of pictures. In a lengthy message, she alleges how Qi Peixin told her about how he had a few ex-girlfriends who all cheated on him. Their relationship was all good until four months in, he started being cold towards her. That was also the same time she discovered she was pregnant. They had broke up and got back together after she flew to see him while he was filming.

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After getting back together, the ex-girlfriend also discovered he was WeChating with another girl at night. He started being cold to her again. Qi Peixin then told her he wanted to break up. The ex-girlfriend threatened to expose his cheating ways on the internet. He told her he would call the cops if she proceeded with it. That’s when she revealed she was pregnant. He questioned if she was lying and why she didn’t tell him earlier. She said the result would still be the same whether she told him or not. In the end, he forced her to get an abortion and would ask her everyday if she went to the hospital to get it done yet. She claimed she already got the procedure with a mutual friend and sent him pics to prove she was there. The ex-girlfriend also said he didn’t even ask about her condition afterwards and didn’t provide the fees for the operation. He only wanted to confirm she got the abortion.

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These are the first set of pictures the ex-girlfriend released:


Afterwards, the ex-girlfriend said she was mad at his behavior and the way he treated her so she contacted him again. She alleges he told her he just wanted to be long term friends with benefits and even have a threesome with her friend. She also shows a conversation message with a picture of her in the hospital and tells her friend Qi Peixin told her if she keeps the baby, she’ll have to raise it on her own.

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On August 30, the girlfriend released more pictures and proof of their relationship:

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Qi Peixin kept quiet until today. He posted the following on Weibo:

“Because of me, this relationship has caused a lot of pain to both parties. I want to sincerely apologize here. I will take care of everything, take responsibility, and reflect.

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Everything that has culminated to now has already been overanalyzed. Both parties hope it will end here. So I kindly request everyone to stop disturbing her lifestyle, stop all unwarranted guessing, reduce all unnecessary harm.

Here, I also want to express my deepest apologies to my fans who have supported me all along: Sorry! I am really sorry for wasting your love and expectations. I will work hard to grow up in the future, be a better version of myself.”

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11 thoughts on “Ex-Girlfriend of Qi Peixin from “The Untamed” Leaked Intimate Pictures and Accused Him of Cheating and Forcing Her to Get an Abortion

  1. It is now clear to me why some of the film studios do not allow their actors to share their private lives in public, even asking them to be single. This can really hurt someone’s career, and the question is whether this is true at all or just a way to extort money.

  2. He’s a sh*t person. He cheated and never treated these girls like they were actually in a relationship. A f*ckboi, really. But I don’t see how it is necessary to leak his nudes. Especially the one the first girl leaked. A photo/video of him sleeping naked(which was obviously taken without his consent) and a photo of him eating instant noodles naked(which seems to have also been taken without consent, because he does not seem aware of the photo being taken at all). She also threatened to expose him to public if they broke up. How is this all considered moral and okay? Obviously, both of them were toxic. To me, personally, threatening someone to leak nudes and “his cheating ways” seems worse to me than being a f*ckboy.

    Note:I posted this comment on the second article as well, but I wanted to post it here as well.

    Addition: also how did he force her to get an abortion. According to her she went to the clinic with her friend and then sent pictures to him to confirm it. Did he emotionally manipulate her into agreeing with it when she wanted the child? Could be, but seems unlikely to me when she blackmailed him into staying with her so – all this just feels like getting revenge on a f*ckboy who broke up with you

  3. I can’t believe people are still defending him.. disgusting. He was abusive and irresponsible, he didn’t respect women at all. Clearly he only apologised because she uploaded these to social media. If she didn’t speak up who knows how many other girls will fall into abusive relationship! People talking about his privacy is focusing on the wrong issue.

    1. Were you actually there? Did you whiteness the abuse first hand? If not then your need to shut it. This reads like a bad soap opera your mom used to watch during day time tv. The fact this is a friend of the girl friend posting this… Yeah bs..

      1. OK, this is old but still, are you that dense? He even replied and didn’t deny a thing… how delulu someone can be?

  4. Even if this is true his ex-girlfriend should also reflect. Everyone deserves privacy and she’s certainly no angel if she leaks private/intimate pictures or messages.

  5. Im sorry but I think his ex girlfriend is to extort in getting money from him by making up lies. I mean there are other actors/actresses and singers that have been through this before with lies. And only he knows what’s really happening…

    1. No idea at all from which script was created of a dramatic drama plot of extortion (blackmail?) and lies cited by a comment here in the case of this Qi Peixin’s unbridled sexual shenanigans with various women. Didn’t u read on this page his Weibo apology postings reprinted ‘….because of me, this relationship has caused a lot of pains bla…bla…bla…bla….’. It’s an explicit indirect confession of wrong doing! No denial from him. Comprende! He’s not soliciting unqualified lawyers to defend him more so imaginative commentators to cooked up suspicious bts intrigues and plottings. Read again with better comprehension of his Weibo apology reprinted above. The need to survive probably drove him to become a kept guy of a sugar mummy providing sex services for room rental and pocket money as alleged by another GF. There’re a few Hollywood actors once acted in [adult] movies beside waiting tables part-time in restos before getting breaks and becoming famous. However, if also true as alleged by another GF it’s regretable one innocent unborn life is lost in this episode! Let’s hope Qi Peixin reflect, contemplate, meditate with deep regrets and sincere repentance not to repeat mending his way to becoming a better respectable person. Goodness me watched The Untamed till end and for the life of me couldn’t have imagined the actor behind the character of Jin Ling led a sordid off-screen behind cameras!! Anyway, all said and done with everyone deserves a second chance at life. Qi Peixin needs one.

    2. He didn’t really deny the accusation, so it could be true. He stated that he will reflect on his actions and stuff.

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