Another Ex-Girlfriend Leaked Qi Peixin’s Intimate Pictures and Airs His Dirty Laundry

Another Ex-Girlfriend Leaked Qi Peixin's Intimate Pictures and Airs His Dirty Laundry

Actor, Qi Peixin (漆培鑫), who portrayed “Jin Ling” (金凌) in “The Untamed” (陈情令), is quite the casanova as another female claiming to be his ex-girlfriend has recently come out to air his dirty laundry and leaked even more intimate pictures than the previous ex-girlfriend. This time, there is even a video of him smoking.

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Ex-Girlfriend of Qi Peixin from “The Untamed” Leaked Intimate Pictures and Accused Him of Cheating and Forcing Her to Get an Abortion

Once again, a netizen claims to be the friend of ex-girlfriend B. She created a thread on Douban, the Chinese IMDB/Reddit, declaring she is helping her good friend expose “The Untamed” actor, Qi Peixin. The friend starts off saying, “My friend says, ‘How many girlfriends does Qi Peixin have?’, spends women’s money, cheats on women, hooks up with random women, treats you coldly and then break up, wants to hook up with his ex-girlfriend, smokes and touches a woman’s breast.”

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She then shares a text message showing ex-girlfriend B saying, “When he was with me, he was poor as hell. Renting the room and eating out, I paid for all of it. Later on, he made some money. On my birthday, he transferred 520 RMB to me. So I thought he really liked me. I was so easily cheated.” In a separate text message, ex-girlfriend B says, “If we don’t see each other for a few days, he doesn’t care about me anymore. In March, he told me to go visit him on set around May or June, but later on said I couldn’t go because they were strict about it. Later on, he didn’t really care about me.”

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Apparently, ex-girlfriend B claims Qi Peixin deleted her WeChat account from his friend’s list because he was afraid his manager would see it, but added her back again when he wanted to hook up with her. She claims when he returned to Beijing, he looked for her and said he missed her and cared about her. However, ex-girlfriend B says he only wanted to hook up. She said he came out of an older woman’s home and said she paid for all the expenses such as renting a room to have sex and meals.

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Watch the video of Qi Peixin smoking and allegedly grabbing someone’s breasts while asking her, “You didn’t wear a bra again?”

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Another Ex-Girlfriend Leaked Qi Peixin's Intimate Pictures and Airs His Dirty Laundry

Netizens are shocked by his behavior and can’t believe someone so young is capable of behavior like this. Last time, some of his fans were willing to stand by him and said they would “grow up with him”. Do you think they will still stand by him this time? Can he recover from this scandal?

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  1. Well~ he’s just human. He’s not perfect and naturally he make mistakes maybe it’s just rebellious stage. :3 either way~ he’s still ok for me. Still supporting him~ this little sister still loves him ♥

      1. Nope not really. Why?? You think im sick in the head for saying so?? Do you think that he’s the only man who does that?? Many did that and some did much worse. But just because he’s a celebrity that’s why he’s criticised and jugded. Yes he hurt a women etc. Let’s just say that yes he did something bad but, did he don’t deserve a chance? To be forgiven?? For him to be forgiven is not our decision to make it was for the lady. As for us who continue to support him we just want to give him a chance as everyone deserve it. If you don’t like what i said then don’t look at it. Don’t call me sick. Just respect my opinion. As i respect that you don’t like him. I can’t change your opinion about him since we have our own minds and likes. And also im not looking for a fight. Im just stating my opinion and defending myself because you called me sick.

  2. Hah that normal male behavior what is everyone complaining about. Besides how do we know if really true? They all just claims no hard evidence it’s girl skanky fault not wearing a bra

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